Monday, June 07, 2010

Lost without Lost.

What to do when Lost is over. When there is no more Lost. Of course the only thing to do is to rewatch old Lost episodes!

I've been watching S1, slowly but surely (still not through it all), and it is interesting to see those early days now that we know where everything ended up.

Jin and Sun were so far apart and estranged: their relationship had a wonderful arc on the show, even though both the actors were scandalously underused in later seasons.

Sayid as the go-to guy for fixing things and putting things together. He was such an instantly likable character: kudos to the show and Naveen for making an Iraqi former torturer one of the best characters ever on TV.
Kate and Jack are so obviously meant to be together by the show. I always thought that pairing made more sense than Sawyer and Kate: they had mad chemistry (Holloway has chemistry with everyone I swear, even Jack!), but they never trusted each other enough to feel totally safe with each other.

Charlie's neurotic, twitchy and hilarious contributions. Dom Monaghan is an excellent actor. Funny in a natural way, with a definite edge. I really hope he gets more work after Lost and now the cancellation of Flash Forward. He is really, really good.

Locke's instant acceptance of the island as a good place to be. But then who wouldn't love a place that made you able to walk again?

And right from the start, there was the show pushing the idea that sometimes we need to go through ordeals and trials to become the people we should be: Locke helping Charlie with his addictions, Locke guiding Boone to let go of his obsession with Shannon, Locke talking to Jack about them ending up on the island for a reason and Jack being the leader whether he wants to be one or not. See the pattern? Locke had it all right, from the start... but at the same time he is a sinister presence already: clonking Sayid on the head, setting Sayid on Sawyer knowing Sawyer was not the perpetrator of that attack... Definitely a troublesome man right off the bat, but with an instinctive connection to the island and a willingness to accept it as a place of "magic".

And Jack's dead father appearing just as a "monster" growl plays: that growl that accompanies all appearances of the monster in the early days is right there when we see Christian Shephard for the first time. VERY interesting.

Do I still have major questions about the island and the storylines developed over the years by Lost's writing team? Hell yes.

  • What did John Locke see when he meets the monster for the first time? "It was beautiful"? Did he see Smokey or did Smokey appear as something else?
  • What was the vaccine for?
  • How come Mrs Hawking was so all-knowing whenever people would meet her? Was she "enlightened" in the same way that Desmond was? In contact with her "afterlife self" somehow?
  • What was Jacob's cabin all about? Who was in it? Why did Ben appear shocked when Locke could hear a voice in the cabin? What was making all the ruckus when he took Locke there? Was that Jacob acting like a poltergeist for some reason? Why did he act like that then when he later appears to be a "normal" person living in the statue foot? Was that Smokey playing games? If Ben never saw Jacob and only took papers from Alpert... then why did he bring Locke to the cabin? He knew he couldn't bring Locke to Jacob because he'd never seen Jacob. So wtf was going on there? Had Ben been going to the cabin with Alpert and left outside while Alpert went in? Or had he discovered the cabin on his own and was somehow manipulated by Smokey when visiting?
  • Was Ben somehow manipulated by Smokey through the years? Is that how he knew how to summon Smokey and to turn the donkey wheel? Why wasn't he allowed to meet Jacob even though he was supposedly "leader" of the Others? Were any leaders ever allowed to meet Jacob, or did he always go through Alpert?
  • Is the caves that the losties live in (and where the skeletons were found) the same place where Jacob grew up once upon a time? It seems like it to me, but I'm not sure.
  • Was Smokey the first Smokey? Or was Mother a smoke monster too? This question REALLY is on my mind a lot and I am sort of hoping it may be addressed at some point on the DVD extras at least.

My main thought right now is that I will miss this show and the merry chase for answers that it took me on for all these years. It's a great show with so many awesome characters. Yes, the mysteries and questions kind of gained in importance and complexity over the years, but after watching S1 again I do totally understand what Darlton were saying when they talked about the show being all about the characters. THAT is the reason this show lived so long while many other sci-fi/fantasy shows fail: it built up an interest in these complex, flawed, human characters before dropping them into the maze of island mysteries. Wonderful show, and I already miss it terribly.


Carole Rae said...

I'm totally lost without Lost. lol. No other show has been able to fill that void yet. =(

Maria said...

I'm lost too! I got the blu ray set with all 6 seasons, and it looks fantastic. Makes me miss it though! I want more!!!