Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you.

Oh wow. What a way to go out. I cried so many times I lost count. When Jin and Sun remembered each other as they watched the ultrasound I was bawling. And then every time they all connected and remembered...

I still could not figure out what the sideways world was until the very end when Christian laid it all out: "How are you here?""I died too." Oh man.

Matthew Fox killed me over and over again in this episode. His confidence when he confronted Smokey, his fight with him on the cliffs, then the choice to go back and picking Hurley as his successor... And wow, his entire final walk back to the bamboo... Awesome stuff.  Everyone absolutely brought it.

I loved Sawyer and Juliet, Charlie and Claire, Kate and Jack even. I loved Frank alive in the ocean. I loved Jack's dad just being there in his white tennis shoes. I loved Ben's look of gratitude when Hurley asked him to stay (he's the new Alpert!). I loved Ben having that damn walkietalkie in his pocket all the time when he hooked up with Smokey. I loved the look of worry and disbelief on Smokey's face when Jack said he'd kill him. I loved the look on Smokey's face when Jack punched him and he was bleeding. I even almost loved the damn cork stuck in the bottom of the island, holding hell-fire red-light at bay so that the good goldy-light could shine through. I loved that Rose and Bernard were allowed to live and stay alive on the island and live out their days with Vincent (because that's what I'm thinking happened).

And I think everyone online is on to something with that the sideways was a place for them all to "let go". And I don't think they all died close in time to each other: the whole wonky-time with the alt makes more sense this way. I know several places where people were trying to work out timelines for the alt and it would never jive: of course not, because it was all outside time and space. The only real-world reality this season was the island.

I wonder what setting off the bomb did. Did it somehow create the sideways, or would that place have existed anyway because of the losties connections? Was the purpose of setting off Jughead to throw the losties back into the regular timeline after being stuck in the 70s? They needed to get back to the present to help defeat Smokey.

I found this episode hugely satisfying. I still have a million questions, but this was emotionally satisfying in a way I had not totally expected. As for Ben's fate, I think he just was not ready to let go of Alex and Rousseau yet. And I really wonder how Hurley ran the island!  I really need more time to process all this, but it was a beautiful, crazy episode. Awesome TV. I will miss this show but I will now enjoy watching all the old seasons again!

I'm sure the DVD and the post-finale interviews will have lots of tidbits about unanswered questions. Like what was up with Ms Hawking seeing Desmond in his timetravel-flashbacks when he wanted to change the past (Faraday told her somehow?) and who built the big pendulum thingie (Faraday going to the mainland in the 70s?) and who put the cork in the island? and WHAT THE HECK was the smoke monster??? And how did Jacob's brother turn into that when he went into the glowy cave?

But the show really DID wrap up the character storylines. And they stayed totally true to their mantra: "dead is dead".

"I died too." Beautiful. Well done. Now we can obsess over the details endlessly!

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.


Anonymous said...

I liked the finale, but not the very end. I was hoping for a happier ending. But, if it had to end with Jack's death, wouldn't it have been cool if Kate was pregnant with Jack's son, and it was David? Since in the sideways world some people died earlier and some later, it wouldn't have mattered if the Kate of today was too young to be David's mom because there is no time in the sideways world. That way, a piece of Jack would have been on the plane that soared overhead as he died. Kate could have had play dates with Claire, and Jack's legacy would live on! It would also have brought the pregnancy/parenthood theme to the main characters. I loved all the reunions otherwise, and it is true that we all have to die eventually! I hope you will have other shows to write about!

Maria said...

Interesting idea about what if Kate had been pregnant! She did sleep with Jack right before they left for the island... so hypothetically she could have been. I thought the character reunions in the alternate reality did provide some happy endings, but yes, I know what you mean about it also being very sad. The image of Jack with Vincent at his side was heartbreaking: at least Jack was not totally alone!

Not sure what I'll be watching next. People tell me Fringe is good, so I might give that a try. :)