Monday, May 17, 2010

So I figured out why Widmore brought Desmond

Yes I did. I woke up this morning, and obviously my brain has been working in overdrive with Lost-related info, because when I woke up I had this lightbulb moment: "THAT'S why he brought Desmond!".

  • Desmond is not killed by electromagnetism.
  • Widmore is looking for electromagnetic anomalies on the island using a Dharma-map (that's why they kidnapped Jin).
  • We've now seen the weird light-cave that is the "heart" of the island and which turned Jacob's twin into Smokey.
Widmore needs Desmond to go into that cave and DO something. Not sure what. What can he do? Does he want to harness the light? Tap it? What? Could Desmond somehow liberate Smokey if he went in there?

Also interesting is a quote from Pellegrino, aka Jacob, that was in TV-Guide: Why can Jacob leave the island, as he's done to visit his candidates, but the Man in Black cannot?
Pellegrino: This is a question that I've wondered about myself actually. I don't think the answer is directly provided in any episode, but it could be the fact that I'm a guardian of sorts and therefore have a certain power to exit when I want to. He can leave as long as it's directly for a certain purpose. After I threw the Man in Black in the pit, he's chained there. He's become incorporeal, and he's in something worse than hell.
Chained? Is that why we hear a mechanical, "chain-rattling" sound when Smokey moves? And could someone break the chain? "Nice to see you out of those chains" is what Smokey told Alpert after all...

Yes, my brain is imploding. Why do you ask?

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