Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"Every question I answer will simply lead to another question."

Yep, Damon and Carlton are definitely trying to tell us something!

And wow. What an episode. If you want to bring in a psycho-mother who can also appear oddly sympathetic after you just watched her bash a woman's head in, call Allison Janney!

So MiB was special and Jacob wasn't. Because he could see dead people? And because he knew things without learning them (like the rules of the game, and that he would be able to leave the island)? While Jacob's only specialness was that he couldn't lie.

What the heck is the light, that is also inside all people and can also give rise to the smoke monster?  And how did Mother know what happens if you go into the light? Because she did it? Or watched someone else do it? Was she a smoke monster as well as the pre-Jacob guardian? Is that how she wiped out the people's village? How did she do that if she was NOT smokey?

It's probably important that even though she could have, Mother did NOT kill MiB. Because she really loved him or because she couldn't? Who knows. She didn't. She got him out of the well, filled in the well and killed all the people (she HAS to have been Smokey... or something...) and then went home, transferred her powers to Jacob and was thankful when MiB killed her. She let him live knowing he'd kill her?

Did Mother wish for a woman to wash ashore and provide "heirs"? Was she surprised that twins were born? Is that what screwed up her plans? Or was it her plan for there to be two? Did she foresee what Jacob would do to his brother? I mean, she must have known he wouldn't be happy if she was killed...

She told Jacob that they were the same after he drank from the cup. Obviously she set the ground rules for the game between MiB and Jacob: she made it so they couldn't hurt each other. Did she also lay down other rules that they only discovered later as they tried to kill each other? And what the hell was SHE?

I guess my basic question is this: was the monster created at the moment when Jacob sent his brother's body into the light, or did it exist previously? And will the conclusion of the show involve reuniting the monster with the light somehow?  If we go by what Smokey has told characters on the show this season, then I guess he was created that day. So Jacob basically brought Smokey to life. Still makes me wonder how Mother wiped out all the people... maybe she just had some other mad psycho-mother-guardian skills?

Interesting point: when MiB killed Mother, he used the knife Dogen gave to Sayid to kill Smokey with. And she did not speak to him before he stabbed her. Is that why he could kill her? Or because she had passed her powers to Jacob?  I loved the intercut scenes from S1 too: Locke, Kate, Jack. But back then, Jack said the bodies were only 40-50 years old or something... based on the deterioration of the clothes. 

LOVED the acting in this episode. Stellar. Janney, Welliver and Pellegrino (as well as the kids who played the younger versions) just totally brought it. I felt heartbroken for both Jacob and MiB AND Mother. None of them came off as wholly good or wholly evil, just all flawed. Though I guess in the end, MiB inherited Mother's world-view while Jacob remained convinced that people could be good.

Interesting that even though it was MiB who killed Mother, and Jacob then sent his brother into the light to a fate worse than death, in the end it seems MiB was the one carrying out the guardian-mission according to Mother's rules. Jacob kept trying to bring people to the island while Smokey tried to kill them and get rid of them (while also trying to gather allies to help him leave).

So many more questions! How did Jacob travel off the island? How did he realize what Smokey was? HOW did Mother make MiB and Jacob immortal? Just by wishing it? WHAT is the light???

Where is that light now? I'm guessing we'll see it again?

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia.

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