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Lapidus, Sayid and Jin and Sun, all offed in the same episode. And yet I still thought the episode kicked ass. Maybe because we finally, finally know what the deal is, and so do the losties. Smokey doesn't want to help them, he wants to kill them. He has lied to them and tricked them and used them and manipulated them every single step of the way. He doesn't make deals, he doesn't bargain. I'm glad that all of that is obvious now: no more bullshitting around with the losties now. They have to fight him to have any chance of living or saving the world or whatever.

I cried when Sun and Jin died, and yes, Jin should have gone to raise his daughter but can you really blame him for staying with Sun? He just got reunited with her 5 minutes ago for crissakes! Damn you writers! And I actually appreciated Sayid's death in a way because he went out as a non-zombie, saving the others from Smokey after doing his bidding since being resurrected. This means that everyone, even "infected" people have a choice: they don't have to follow Smokey. Claire won't follow him blindly for much longer either I think.

And seeing Sawyer saved by Jack, and the two of them ALMOST having a moment this ep? Priceless. Of course, Sawyer then had to go and blow it by going all commando with the bomb, but I couldn't really blame him for that either. Losing Juliet and getting stuck with Kate again would piss anyone off, right? The con-man got played and played good. That's going to piss him off even more once he comes to I think. Maybe I will finally get my wish then: Sawyer and Jack uniting to fight a common enemy rather than wasting time fighting each other.

And when Hurley lost it on the beach, I lost it too. Miles, Alpert and Ben better show up SOON with some weapons and help these guys out. I need those guys to at least make it for a few more eps.

Jack trusting (or turning into?) Locke after doubting him and fighting him all that time is a very good twist to the story imo. I always thought that if those two had worked together instead of being at loggerheads all that time on the island, things would have worked out a heck of a lot better. Seeing their interaction in the alt-verse was both creepy and sweet: "I wish you had believed me". Dammit. Again with the chain-yanking! This episode yanked my emotions so much I was actually literally at the edge of my seat tonight.

And when Jack stood there crying in the water at the end, I expected his dead dad to appear before him. Of course he didn't, but I am betting we are going to see Christian Shepherd on the island again before long.

So very, very good to see Bernard again! Did it seem to anyone else that Bernard acted somewhat "Hawking-esque"? Like he knew what the deal is with the alt-verse? The fact that they were all on that flight seems to be starting to weird out the losties in the alt now, and I do think that's a good thing. Maybe they need Hawking to debrief them?

So if we now know Smokey's plan, what the hell is Widmore's plan? Killing Smokey? Replacing Smokey or Jacob? Hopefully at least Jack et al will help Desmond get out of the well now.

I was bummed that we didn't get to see Bernard and Rose on the island, though at this point I am almost certain that they are Adam and Eve from the cave. Just hoping to get to see them, and Vincent!, one last time.

Dammit, this show is picking up the pace now. I was wondering when people would start dying and tonight I got my answer.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media and Doc Arzt

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