Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Now you're like me."

"Now you're like me."

Oh man, how I loved this episode and how I LOVED that scene and that line. Mark Pellegrino and Matthew Fox f-ing brought it. I usually think Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson provide the best moments in any episode they're in, but tonight they had to give it up for Jack and Jacob.
Yes I cried. Because dammit if this show isn't totally messing with our heads now. Giving us answers, giving us lines spoken previously by others to now be spoken by the remaining players... Kate saying Charlie's line "Terrific" really got to me for some reason, even though it wasn't even an important moment. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate." "What if all this is happening for a reason." And add in Jack's bleeding neck-wound and we're all in the maelstrom of time again.

Ben with Alex and Danielle was a beautiful moment. I wonder how much Ben remembered of his other life in the alt-verse... He seemed somehow changed there, almost as though he remembered having raised Alex before.

Jack standing up and taking the job and then drinking from the cup... man oh man... Matthew Fox totally brought it. Jack's arc from S1 to now is just blowing my mind. And to me, this whole episode absolutely played like a part 2 to Across the Sea: we saw the end of Jacob's story and heard him say "Now you're like me" (seriously, that moment took my breath away). I loved last week's episode and I loved this week's and f-ing LOVE how this show pushes us to the brink like this when it's on its A-game. Anyone who had reservations about Across the Sea should at least be somewhat placated now: it was NOT a stand-alone episode that had no connection to the fate of the losties. It was part 1 of what we saw tonight and I thought it was powerful, played like that.

The look on Jacob's face as Jack drank from the cup was so moving. Sadness, relief, empathy... Man, I need to watch this ep again just because of the scene with them in the river.

More thoughts:

The scene with Jacob when he explained why he picked them was very moving. I really love Pellegrino's way of portraying Jacob. There's no fake emotion there, no pretending to really care that he's dragged them to the island, no sugarcoating. You're all flawed, and you needed this place and I'm not even going to apologize for it. Harsh, but I like that. He isn't pissing around. He's not some goody-goody. He has a purpose and a mission and he needed someone to take his place. He's playing for keeps and has been from the start.

I also liked that the crossing out of names didn't really carry any magic meaning. It just meant he figured they didn't want the job (or were dead). I think now that the reason Sun didn't flash off the plane with everyone else to the 70s is because she was NOT the candidate: Jin was.

Seeing Ana-Lucia was awesome, and Hurley recognizing her was even better! Desmond is seriously freaking me out now: he's so zen it's unnatural. And how will remembering their "alternate" universe help in any way? Will it help the losties on the island?

I sure hope Richard is alive or that we at least get to see him dead. Don't kill the pretty already!

I was glad to see Zoe bite it but shocked that Widmore died already. So Desmond's the fail-safe and can presumably kill Smokey if the candidates should fail to do so. And Desmond turned the fail-safe in the hatch which made it explode... Smokey says he wants to destroy the island: as in put the C-4 into the glowy cave? Have Desmond put it in there maybe? 

This was a hugely emotionally satisfying episode. My only complaint being that Richard's fate is still up in the air. Don't play with us like that at this point! If he's dead then show him to us dead. I had a bad feeling as soon as Richard stepped out of that door though... I'm thinking the monster just couldn't stand the sight of his hotness.

Sunday's show will be devastating I think. They squeezed me good today, but I think Sunday will just be hell. NTTAWWT!

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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