Thursday, May 20, 2010

Map it out

Yes, it's Thursday night and approximately 72 hours until the Lost finale. You'd think it would be possible just to wait and let the answers come when the final episode airs, but nooooo.

JACOB: Do you remember that bamboo field you woke up in when you first got here?
JACK: Yeah.
JACOB: Beyond that field, across the ridge, is the heart of the island. That’s where the light is... That’s where he’s trying to go. And that’s what you have to protect.
JACK: Past the bamboo? There’s nothing out there.
JACOB: Yes, there is, Jack. And now you’ll be able to get there...
This was one of the most intriguing exchanges in an episode chock-full of  intriguing exchanges. Jack was that close to the heart of the island, aka the glowy cave, when he first woke up after the plane crash. The glowy cave was right there somewhere, except he was unable to find it, yet. Just like with the lighthouse.

HURLEY: It's right there. It's a lighthouse.
JACK: I don't understand. How is it that we've never seen it before?
HURLEY: Guess we weren't lookin for it.

So I went and looked at some fan-made maps of the island and found lots of detailed work. This is probably my favourite: updated with Season 6 locations. And isn't it interesting that in that one area of the island where the losties originally crashed, there is just a barrel-full of awesome locations: the beach where the fuselage crashed, the first and second beach camps, the caves, the Swan hatch (with Desmond inside), the cabin, the crash-site of the cockpit where we saw the monster kill someone for the first time... it's all right there in a small section of the south-west corner of the island. Coincidence or fate? (Bwah!) And this is also where Jack woke up in the bamboo and where the glowy cave of ultimate light and stuff happens to be located.

The glowy cave HAS to be close by the caves, and the caves have to be close by where Mother's camp was. In Across the Sea, Jacob carries both Mother and his brother and lays them to rest in the caves. Was Mother's camp IN the caves? Maybe.

Will Jack meet his father, not as a Smokey-apparition but as a "real ghost" when he heads back to where it all began? In the old mobisode "So it begins" we saw Christian Shephard send Vincent off to wake up Jack: was that Smokey sending Vincent off or was it actually a different entity, aka "ghost Christian"? We still haven't seen Jack's dad this season: not dead OR alive OR undead... I'm betting he makes an appearance in the finale because this show is going full circle: back to the bamboo, back to the source and maybe also back to Jack's daddy issues. Can. not. wait.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media and Lostpedia.

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