Monday, May 24, 2010

Lingering thoughts and questions...

The day after and I still am totally rocked by that episode. It did leave a lot of "facts" unexplained, but I think answering everything in any kind of detail would basically end up like a lot of exposition and would end up mainly like: "because the island is weird".

My main remaining nagging questions have to do with Ms Hawking and with Smokey.

I think that Ms Hawking in the sideways did not want to let go, even though she knew she was dead, was because in the real world she had raised her son to do "what he was supposed to do", ie go to the island and get killed by her. What mom could ever really get over that? So no wonder she hung on to that place. I also think that, in the real world, she knew a lot about what was going on because Daniel told her: I think she must have met him during the time he was working for Dharma. I think Daniel is the one who built that pendulum station she was in when the losties went back to the island. BUT: the Ms Hawking who Desmond met when he flashed into his own past after blowing up the hatch, how come she was so enlightened and seemed to know exactly what he was up to? Was it because she had knowledge from Daniel about Desmond? I'd love more about the whole Daniel-Desmond-Ms Hawking connection.

And Smokey: what was he exactly? Was he the evil "corked" into the island somehow let loose when Jacob threw his brother into the glowy cave? Why/how did he turn into the monster then? AND: was Mother also a smoke monster? Is that how she killed all the villagers and filled in the well they built? Is that how she knew it was a fate "worse than death" if you went into the light? Was her "original" body one of the skeletons Desmond saw when he climbed down into the cave?

Also: what happened to Christian Shephard and Yemi's bodies? Why did those bodies disappear?  As for the whole pregnancy danger thing: I think it was the "incident" in the 70s that somehow changed things. Because Ethan was carried to term on the island. In one of the Darlton interviews, they said something like: "We haven't spelled it out, but it seems children were born on the island in the 70s and then something happened. What could have happened???" I think they alluded to Jughead exploding/Dharma drilling into that pocket of energy.

I still wonder about the vaccine that they made such a big deal about in the early seasons. Was it to protect from radiation/energy damage from the incident? It seemed very important for Claire and Aaron to get vaccinated back in the day.

Why couldn't Widmore and Ben kill each other? I've wondered about that for a long time. Maybe it was because they had not fulfilled their destinies? They both had roles to play in Jacob's endgame: Widmore had to bring Desmond to the island and play his part there and Ben also had a part to play there. It was just not their time to go, so they could not kill each other just like Michael could not kill himself.

I think we got real explanations for the characters and what the island is: the island is sitting on top of some energy/metaphysical phenomenon that could be called hell, malevolence or whatever: just like Jacob told Alpert on the beach. Whatever that energy is, it gives the island strange powers.

When Jacob's brother turned into Smokey, Jacob didn't just have to guard the island, he also had to guard Smokey and that made his job a lot harder. The island wasn't good or evil, it is just strange and people who tried to use it for their own purposes (MiB, Dharma) ended up mostly causing trouble. Living there was fine, as Rose and Bernard's destiny shows: they were happy just to BE there.

In the end, Smokey's assertion that people are all selfish and corrupt was proved wrong: the losties saved the glowy light AND defeated Smokey because they worked together and because they loved each other and trusted each other. I would have loved to have seen some kind of scene of forgiveness/redemption with Jacob and his brother, but I guess it was really not part of the losties story.

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Anonymous said...

In case you are still interested in discussing this show, my daughter and I are wondering why Juliet said "it worked" to Miles from the beyond after the bomb was detonated. Do you think it's because she didn't realize she was dead in the sideways world? But, she hadn't had the "awakening" in the sideways world yet. What do you think? And can you believe we're still talking about this show? I am also stunned by the talk of using a bomb to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico! Do you think everyone has taken "Lost" too seriously??

Maria said...

At first, when the season started, I thought Juliet's comment confirmed that the bomb had made a different reality (without the crash) happen. But then when we found out they were all in the afterlife in the alternate timeline, that didn't really make sense. Whatever happened, if the bomb went off or not (and I tend to think that it didn't), the result was that the losties flashed to the "present" from the 1970s.

I now think that "It worked" was just a snippet of Juliet's conversation with Sawyer in the afterlife. When he is banging on that candy machine and she helps him by saying it needs to be unplugged, she says "It worked" when his chocolate bar falls down. It was a complete misdirection by the writers imo.

And yes, I definitely am still interested in talking about this show! I am rewatching S1 slowly but surely and it's pretty crazy to see where the story ended up...

Thanks for still reading! :) I'll be back with more Lost thoughts, comparing S1 and 6 soon.