Friday, May 07, 2010

A great recap of The Candidate

Gatesy over at Doc Arzt's site has a great recap of this week's episode and his thoughts mirror mine pretty much exactly.

I know lots of people had trouble with the fact that Jin did not leave Sun to die, saying he should have gone to raise Ji Yeon. Neither Sun nor Jin mention Ji Yeon in their final scene together, but imo, the option is there and obvious to both of them but remains unspoken. They have just spoken of her before they go on the sub so they both know he could go to try to get to her... but his choice makes absolute sense for the character. Like Gatesy puts it:

At the time I thought Jin would leave, have to leave, Sun for Ji Yeon’s sake. And at first I couldn’t make sense of it – why leave her as an orphan? But as I’ve pondered it I now think it is the right decision. Consider Desmond’s words to Sayid….
DESMOND: So, what will you tell her?
SAYID: What do you mean?
DESMOND: This woman–when she asks you what you did to be with her again…what will you tell her?
What would Jin tell Ji Yeon? Could he ever tell her what he had to leave behind to be with her? And let’s remember Ji Yeon doesn’t know Jin and Jin doesn’t know Ji Yeon. It sucks to make her an orphan but it sucks to leave Sun to die alone. That is the point. Love is stronger than death. Death is not the worst thing for either them. Being apart is. And I like to imagine that Ji Yeon’s parentless childhood will prepare her for a Superman/Luke Skywalker/Harry Potter style heroic story that we will never see. Death is not the end but the beginning of another adventure, as Dumbledore would say.
Jin and Sun’s personal stories had taken a back seat since season 4. Their story was no longer of two individuals seeking redemption and reconciliation – that had been achieved. The story was of their marriage, their union, their devotion to each other. For them to die together after being apart for so long is a happy ending of sorts. They would have chosen to die in old age, surrounded by children and grandchildren but that was taken away from them. So they chose to die together. Die together or live alone….? The hardest choice to make.

Screencap thanks to Doc Arzt.

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