Thursday, May 20, 2010

42 unanswered questions... answered?

Almost 2 years ago, I posted a list of 42 unanswered questions. I thought now might be a good time to re-visit that list!

42 Unanswered Questions
  1. What is the Smoke Monster? - Answer: it's Jacob's brother, turned into Smokey when he entered "the source", aka the glowy cave. Remaining question: was Mother who raised Jacob and his twin ALSO a Smokey? How else did she kill a whole village and fill in a well by herself?
  2. Why can't women who conceive on the island carry the baby to term? Answer: This has not been explicitly spelled out, but it would seem that setting off Jughead and/or the explosion at The Swan-site is what caused the problem.
  3. How come the island is so hard to find? Answer: Because it can be moved in space and time and is somehow "cloaked" from the outside world. Exactly how this works is still uncertain.
  4. Why was it impossible for Desmond to sail off the island but seemingly so easy for the freighter to find its way there? Answer: the freighter knew what course to set. It seems there are "windows" that can be entered to access the island and the freighter found one.
  5. What is Widmore's deal with the island? Answer: He was once the leader of the Others, was banished and tried to return for a loooong time. Was finally called back to the island by Jacob, only to end up being shot by Ben.
  6. Is Daniel Faraday time-traveling somehow? Answer: He was, when all the losties time-skipped. Not sure about any other time travel he might have done.
  7. How did the polar bear end up in Tunisia? Answer: It probably turned the donkey wheel.
  8. How come Richard Alpert doesn't seem to age? Answer: Jacob granted his wish. Alpert didn't want to go to hell because of his "sins" so he didn't want to die.
  9. How exactly does "the island" prevent people from dying a la Michael? Answer: none yet. Jacob won't let them maybe?
  10. How did the Others get Juliet to the island? The submarine? Seems a long ride from Portland. Answer: It was probably the sub since that's how Widmore got there too.
  11. Who is Abbadon? Answer: He worked for Widmore and his mission was to get people where they needed to go. (So why was he telling John Locke about walkabouts once upon a time? Was he working for Widmore or Jacob then?)
  12. Who is Jacob? Answer: See Across the Sea. ;) Human, immortal, island guardian against his will (pretty much). Ultimate creator of The Others. Enemy and brother of Smokey/The Man in Black.
  13. How come Jacob's cabin is seemingly hard to find? Answer: not sure. Why was the cabin moving? If it was built by the Dharma-guy Goodspeed, then why was it inhabited by Jacob... or was it???
  14. What are Walt's special powers and why did the Others say they got "more than they bargained for" with him? Answer: Stop asking about Walt! He's too tall now!
  15. Who are Adam and Eve? Answer: Mother, aka Jacob's foster mother, and Jacob's twin brother.
  16. What is the Temple? A real temple or a hatch or what? Answer: It's a real temple with a healing pool and guarded by The Others. Then cleaned out by Smokey.
  17. How did Yemi's plane get to the island? Answer: Because he flew into a "window" to the island I'm guessing.
  18. How did the Black Rock get to the island? Answer: Thrown up into the jungle by a giant wave in a crazy storm.
  19. Is Dr Marvin Candle (or whatever his real name is) still alive? Answer: Nope. Except in the Sideways universe of course.
  20. Who/what made the food drop we saw in "Lockdown"? Answer: no idea.
  21. What was the sickness that killed Danielle's crew? Same as what happened to the people on the freighter? Then why didn't Danielle get it? Answer: Danielle's crew was "infected" by Smokey and turned "evil". It is different than what happened on the freighter, since those people were getting the time-travel nose-bleeds.
  22. Why was Juliet branded? What purpose did that serve? Just to make Jack pity her? Answer: who knows.
  23. How exactly does the island make people sick when it seemingly cures some? IE how come Ben and Jack got sick? Answer: not sure. Jacob giveth and he taketh away?
  24. What is the story with the four toed statue? Answer: It's Taweret. It was smashed by the Black Rock and the storm. Jacob lived in a hovel in the remaining foot.
  25. What is the meaning of the whispers? Answer: They are dead people, trapped on the island and unable to move on. (Which is starting to totally remind me of Odysseus visiting Hades...)
  26. What happened to Claire? Answer: She was infected by Smokey and turned a little insane and got really bad hair. But still managed to properly pluck her eyebrows.
  27. How can Miles talk to dead people? Answer: He just can. Ok?
  28. Who built the donkey wheel under the Orchid? Answer: Jacob's brother and the people who lived on the island back then basically thought it all up and then someone else ended up building it after Mother tried to stop construction.
  29. What was the vaccine for that Desmond kept injecting himself with? Did it really help protect him from something or was it just a ruse of some kind? Answer: no idea.
  30. What happened to Kelvin's body? Answer: no idea.
  31. How come Dharma people seemed to be present at both Locke's and Ben's births? (Alpert in Locke's case and Goodspeed in Ben's.) Answer: Luck/fate/coincidence (in Ben's case) and manipulation (by Smokey in Locke's case).
  32. What happened to Annie? Answer: She left the island when it was evacuated in connection with the Swan Hatch debacle.
  33. Was Charlotte born on the island? Answer: Yes.
  34. What's the origin of Alpert's people, aka The Hostiles? Answer: They're Jacob's band of helpers. And after the wiped out Dharma, they absorbed some of the people from that organization too.
  35. How and why did Walt appear on the island, both to Shannon and Locke? Answer: Because he's special?
  36. Why did the monster kill Eko? (Other than the fact that the actor wanted off the show...) Answer: He wasn't a candidate and he pissed off the monster... I think.
  37. What was behind Charlie's weird visions of Aaron in danger from "Fire + Water"? Answer: No idea. Premonitions?
  38. What happened to Christian and Yemi's bodies? Answer: no idea. Did Smokey take them?
  39. Was the psychic who sent Claire off on the 815 flight a real psychic or a fraud? Answer: I think he was real.
  40. What did Ben do to call up the Smoke Monster? Answer: Pull the plug in a dirty pool in an ancient tunnel under his house.
  41. Who is Ms Hawking who turned up in Desmond's time-travel flashbacks? Answer: She is Daniel Faraday's mother, an ex-leader of the Others who now seems creepily aware of all time-line options wherever she is.
  42. What's up with the Hurley Bird? Answer: I really don't care and don't know.
So you know what?  They have answered A LOT of questions by now. No, not all of them have been answered in minute detail, but many have some form of answers. I'm surprised their batting average is this good!

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