Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What the...?

Ok, I kind of hated this episode. And that makes me sad. I actually think it might have been one of the worst episodes of Lost I've ever seen. Not so much the plot developments in it, because I did like to see Jack explain why he's sitting back now, and wow even hearing Hurley explain the whispers in a throwaway sentence and Desmond meeting Locke (in both timelines) and then (kind of inexplicably really) Hurley deciding it's a good idea to hook up with Smokey. But I thought the acting sucked tonight, which is not something I usually think about ANY Lost episode. The whole episode felt odd and disjointed to me. Add to that that the music, at least on my TV, sounded totally f-d up and I was even more upset.

The whole scene leading up to Ilana's pathetic demise was just bad imo, with the characters all over-acting and acting out of character at the same time. And while I usually like Hurley, I thought he was the weak link for a lot of tonight's ep. And why oh why did Libby wear so much makeup as a mental patient? That bugged me, mainly because by then lots of stuff was bugging me.

I wonder if the weirdness of the episode partly came from that all of a sudden the characters had to go and meet up with Smokey. Now, imo, there is no reason why they would ever do that willingly. Why would Hurley think that? Michael told him not to blow up the plane but no one told him to go talk to Locke. It just felt like a forced plot-point. I'm kind of fine with it happening, but I just didn't think they sold the reasons for Jack et al to go along with Hurley.

Desmond and Locke saved the episode for me, but just barely and mainly because I think this part of the story will be hugely significant: why is Desmond willing to try to kill Locke in the alternate timeline, and why is Smokey trying to get rid of Desmond on the island?

My main questions after tonight are:
  • Did sideways Desmond and island Desmond switch places during that electro-magnetic shower? Or is Sideways Des just somehow "remembering" Locke from the other timeline?
  • Smokey is SCARED of Desmond, and he knows or suspects why Widmore brought Desmond to the island: whatever it is Des can do, it probably has to do with getting rid of Smokey.
  • What does it mean that Richard and his little gang have broken away? It'll be interesting to see where that all goes...

And finally:

  • Why oh why did Libby remind me of Britney Spears????

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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