Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So what was all that about?

Still not feeling last night's episode, "Everyone Loves Hugo". Clunky dialogue, forced plot-points, over-the-top acting (did they just rush this episode through somehow?) and crappy music: everything was disturbing. But today I read one theory about why Hurley would want to go see Smokey, and if it's true then that kind of makes some things in this episode make more sense: Hurley looked through Ilana's stuff and found that pouch of Jacob's ashes. Hurley has also seen the ring of ash that once surrounded the cabin where Jacob or Smokey was playing house. So what if Hurley now has a super-secret plan involving that ash? Kind of like a long con I guess. Hopefully that's what's going on, because just having them all decide to go see Smokey on a whim seems lame.

Also: why did Desmond run down Locke in the alt-verse? Seems to be two main theories here. Either Des wants to do to Locke what Charlie did to him and make Locke remember the other timeline. Or Des KNOWS that Locke is bad news and is trying to kill him. The fact that Desmond told Ben that his (made up) son's name was Charlie is also open to interpretation. Does Des remember that he actually has a real child called Charlie, or did he make it up because he'd met the palm-writing Charlie Pace?

And what about that HUGE HUGE MEGA-HUGE reveal that the whispers (read the transcripts here) are actually whispers by dead people who "can't move on"? It was the worst scene in an already weak episode (Hey! I know what this great mystery is! It's dead people who can't move on! Now let's keep walking and not refer to it!) but I'm not really complaining about the revealed information. I'll have to go back over those whisper transcripts and see if they make sense in this new context.

I'm also wondering if this clumsy reveal was made so as to set up another, bigger reveal: namely the mystery of Jack's dad traipsing about the island for so long. Is there one "real dead dad" and one "Smokey sock-puppet-dad"? Maybe. Sure are a lot of dead people around right now. And Hurley can see the dead off the island and on-island, and on-island he can see people who didn't die there (and he can see people who died ON the island when he is OFF the island.... argh... complicated). But the whispers are then only people who died on the island and can't leave for whatever reason? Oy. I really do hope that more of this mystery will be revealed once we find out what Christian Shepherd is really all about.

I really wonder what Desmond is all about. Is he living in both timelines at the same time? Does he have full awareness of them both at the same time? He sure seems like a mega-enlightened being all of a sudden. Has he now become something akin to Ms Hawking/Widmore? Or like Jacob? Influencing events to push them a certain way?

I'm hoping for better dialogue and acting next week, but as usual, even a weak episode of Lost curls my brain in a way no other show could.

Finally, RIP Ilana. You looked like you had potential and you looked like you ought to kick some serious tail. You got one awesome scene with Ben and then you got to blow yourself up stupidly. The island, or at least this writing team, was done with you. RIP with all the other potential female kick-assers: Rousseau, Alex, Sun-who-talked-and-seemed-important-for-a-couple-of-scenes, Charlotte, Juliet, Naomi, Ana-Lucia... I won't belabour the point, but it is kind of sad to see so many potentially strong and important females written and written out in such unsatisfying ways. It's one of my few problems with this show. Missed opportunities and all that.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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