Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock/hard place = Smokey/Widmore

I liked this episode. No, not the best episode ever or of the season, but definitely good. Jack getting all John Locke on everyone and swimming back to the island was great: I didn't see it coming either, but I definitely understood Jack's feelings. His actions have little or nothing to do with Smokey imo, and more to do with the fact that he already DID leave once and realized it was the wrong choice. And while Smokey calls Locke a sucker, I'm not so sure that is ALL Locke was. Jack saw the lighthouse and he knows now that the island is special: just like Locke always claimed.

I'm also not sure I 100% believe that the apparitions of Jack's dad were ALWAYS Smokey. Something in that exchange with Jack made me think that Smokey was lying about that. I do think he has been Jack's dad on occasion, but not always. And now they've set it up nicely so that if we ever see Christian Shepherd and Smokey at the same time we'll definitely know something's up!

I liked Jin and Sun's reunion and was so scared that one of them would get shot before they hugged! Or while they hugged...

The Zoe-creature with the fake glasses still bugs the heck out of me. So does Claire's "hair". And yes, Kate and Sawyer are OVER: just stop beating that horse already! Their interaction in the alt was terrible and it was almost as bad in the on-island timeline. Whatever chemistry was there once upon a time is spent and the storyline just needs to go away.

I did like that Kate convinced Claire to come on board. Nice touch.

Man, do the choices suck for the losties now: hanging out with Widmore or Smokey? Not great either way imo. Sawyer's about to find out.

So what are the chances that Sayid actually killed Desmond (nice fake-out with the previews on that btw, because they totally made it look like Sayid really did shoot him). And I thought there was a glimmer of old Sayid in the exchange with Smokey: could it be that Desmond is bringing people "back to their senses" in both timelines?

Favourite scene in the whole episode? Sun recognizing Locke when they were both wheeled into the hospital. Just one question: did she still remember it when she woke up after surgery?

The kid playing Jack's son is totally growing on me and I'm more convinced than ever that Juliet is his mom. We haven't seen Juliet in the alt (and we've even seen Ilana there now!) so I figure she's being saved for best and last when she will also get to meet up with Sawyer in the alt.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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