Monday, April 05, 2010

The new alternate/sideways -verse

DocArzt has an excellent point about what the new 'verse is and how and why it may be affecting the losties we know in the on-island timeline:
What is OtherLOST trying to tell us? The timespace for OtherLOST is 2004, while LOST Is taking place in 2007. Time travel has not stopped after all. If 2007 LOST is converging with 2004 OtherLOST, does that mean that a new past is being written? If consciousness is now skipping across time and space and theoretical multidimensionalities, then it’s not really a Schrodinger’s cat situation any longer. It’s not like the cat is both alive and dead until we make a final deciding measurement. It’s more like the cat itself is ping ponging through quantum states, interfering in the mechanics of its own hypothetical dilemma. I’m starting to get the real sense that the reason they’ve referenced Alice in Wonderland so often on this show is they want us to just shut up and bathe in the pure nonsense of it.
In essence, to me, this would mean that (for example) Sun's loss of her English is because in the new past, she never learned to speak it. So what will happen if she dies in the alt? Scary for her and Jin (and their daughter!) I think... And we've already seen the present affect this new past: Jack couldn't remember how he got his appendectomy scar for example.

I think in the end, that what Juliet said (according to Miles) in the season-opener is hugely important: "It worked." They DID change the past, but for some reason their present has not changed with it. How will that be fixed so Juliet and Sawyer can go for coffee again? Not sure, but I bet we'll see that scene!

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and Lost-Media.

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