Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Des! Charlie! Hawking! Faraday! Penny!!!

Holee frigging crap! Just excuse me while I cool off my over-heated brain.

This episode rocked the alternate and the on-island universe. Desmond was awesome as usual, and add in creepy Ms Hawking/Widmore as the all-knowing sphinx/mistress of ceremonies who make it sound as though she has personally organized everyone's life... and the flashes of Charlie's hand in the underwater and Des' flashes when having the MRI and Daniel's journal (now different). This was a truckload of really, really great WTF!

How does Ms Hawking stay aware of all different time-lines? Does it mean Widmore is informed of various time-lines too? At least in the alt? I have to say that it now seems way less likely that the alt timeline will be the eventually remaining one... though maybe not? Maybe the timelines can somehow merge in the alt and everyone can get a real happy ending with some consciousness of what went on on the island?

Did Daniel Faraday, back in the 70s, help Eloise to build the weird pendulum station we saw once upon a time? Did she somehow convince him, or he convince her, that "Whatever happened happened" was NOT necessarily the truth? We all know that when Daniel came back to Dharmaville, he was all convinced that past and future COULD be changed and that Jack should blow up the bomb etc etc leading up to what we have now. This has to tie in with what's happening now.

And how much is Widmore in on? Does on-island Widmore know about the alt? I don't think so judging by his surprise at Desmond's change of heart. Will Desmond now keep passing out/waking up in the alternate timelines?

Is the alt actually Ms Hawking's perfect world? Sure, she sacrificed (and killed!) her own son Daniel Faraday in the regular timeline. But because of his actions, the new timeline was created and in it, Daniel is alive and a musician. Was that her plan all along? Maybe even Daniel's own plan from the 1970s? But somehow it isn't "perfect", at least not yet: because they are still connected to the old "future" we see play out on-island. Does the alt need to be obliterated? Or does it need to merge with the on-island reality somehow? So that everyone is aware of what they all gained there, while still remaining alive?

What I'm wondering is basically: does Widmore really know what he's doing on the island? Is he doing it in collusion with Hawking or does she have alternate plans? And are they, separately or together, working for Jacob's side? Widmore sure seems partly to be less "evil" this season, but on the other hand he showed no concern for the death of his employee... There is a "greater good" for him for sure, but is he totally aware of everything that is going on with the alt too? Does Hawking in the regular timeline know about it?

This ep totally blew my mind. What a farking show. Even with crappy Zoe the fake-eyeglass wearer (why didn't Sayid shoot her???) it's getting awesome now. I think the tempo will definitely be cranked up from this point on.

Interesting that Des didn't mind going with Sayid: maybe he figures things will just somehow work out for the best? And is he now the only person on-island who is aware of the alt? What will that mean?

I liked having Charlie back, but his total change of character based on his near-death experience was a little much. He shed the entire junkie persona for some kind of born-again mentality? Does he just want to die now? Or does he want to find his perfect woman, aka Claire?

LOVED this episode. And harrowed, freaking out Desmond is so, so, SO much more attractive than calm, put-together Desmond... Like Viggo Mortensen, grime and stubble totally become him.  :)

Finally, I did recognize Desmond's driver and knew we'd seen him before, but couldn't place him. Of course he was George Minkowski, who died from nosebleed-timetravel-syndrome on Widmore's freighter.

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and Lost-Media.

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