Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christian Shepherd = Smokey?

JACK: Look just like him.
LOCKE: Does it bother you?
JACK: No, what bothers me is I don't have any idea what the hell you are.
LOCKE: Sure you do.
[Jack kneels.]
JACK: Why John Locke?
LOCKE: Because he was stupid enough to believe that he'd been brought here for a reason. Because he pursued that belief until it got him killed. And because you were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice wooden box.
JACK: He had to be dead before you could look like him.
LOCKE: That's right.
[Jack nods.]
JACK: Who else have you looked like?
LOCKE: Jack, what do you really want to ask me?
JACK: The third day we were here I saw... I chased my father through the jungle... my, my dead father. Was that you?
LOCKE: Yes, that was me.
After Smokey told Jack in the latest episode, The Last Recruit, that he was the one appearing as Christian Shepherd, aka Jack's dad, speculation on this already much-speculated mystery has gone into overdrive. Was Smokey telling the truth? The issue is further complicated since we know that a) Smokey can't leave the island and b) Christian has appeared OFF the island after his death: once to Michael before the freighter blew up and once to Jack in a hospital in LA.

So what's up?

The fact that Christian sometimes has appeared wearing the suit he was buried in and sometimes in other clothes has also been a subject of speculation. Are there two versions of Christian? I do seem to remember, way back in some thread at The Fuselage, that the Damon and Carlton had said that the choice of different footwear for Christian was significant somehow. (I know I've mentioned this several times in the past here.)

So, some footwear related facts:

  • Christian was put in the coffin wearing Jack's sneakers.
  • He has appeared wearing Jack's sneakers but also wearing more hiking-boot like foot gear.
  • When John Locke was put into his coffin, Mrs Hawking made sure that Jack put his father's shoes on the corpse. Supposedly because Locke's corpse was a "proxy" for Christian's corpse on the original flight.
  • The show then made a point of showing us Smokey-Locke tying Christian's shoes on his feet when he had crossed over to the island from Hydra Island with Ben.

What's that all mean? Who knows? Hopefully we might, soon.

Now, I don't doubt that Smokey has been taking Christian's shape at times. The issue is if it's ALWAYS been Smokey. I don't think so. I think that sometimes it's been Smokey and sometimes it's been dead Christian appearing just like the other dead people we've seen appear: Michael, Jacob, Isabella and so on. Sure, Hurley seems to be the one who sees dead people most easily, on and off the island, but I do think it's certainly a strong possibility that Jack has this ability too, at least when it comes to his dad.

So much of the early days of Lost was all about Jack and his daddy issues. If that is going to be resolved in the show, it won't be through Jack talking to the being who faked being his dead dad. No, it will be by Jack talking to the dead dad himself. Damon and Carlton once said that Christian was "undead" (this was when they were classifying things as either Smokey-appearances, undead or ... whatever else it was). So I do still hold out a strong hope that while Smokey didn't lie to Jack, he wasn't telling the whole truth either. If Jack is going to resolve his daddy issues on the show, he needs to meet his real dad: and I'm guessing at some point he will.

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and Lost-Media.


Anonymous said...

I think after Jack assumes the role of Jacob, he takes on the image of his father.

Jack (as Jacob looking like Christian) led Jack to water....

Scene one from season one will be a time loop from the end of the series.

Maria said...

That's a really intriguing idea! And yes, I'm still totally into the idea of some kind of repeat of the opening scene from S1 appearing again at the end! Not too long now until we find out! :)