Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is that Smokey up to?

Even though I wasn't crazy about last night's ep, I am now mulling over it just as much as I usually do with Lost.

Why would Smokey send Sawyer to the other island? Maybe to show him the dead people there. If Smokey killed them, he might have figured that's what Sawyer would figure out too, and that's the threat: if you don't do what I say, all the people you care about will die too.

Why does Smokey need followers anyway? That's what I'm starting to wonder today. He needs them for something. Hostages maybe?

Also, Doc Jensen at EW has a good theory about Flocke's and Kate's conversation:
''My mother was crazy. Long time ago before I looked like this, I had a mother just like everyone. She was a very disturbed woman. And as a result of that, I had some growing pains. Problems that I'm still trying to work my way through. Problems that could have been avoided if things had been different.''

Kate wanted to know: Why was FLocke telling her this?

''Because Aaron has a crazy mother, too.''

We were left to wonder what exactly Kate was supposed to make of that story, and what she actually took away from it. To me, it sounded like FLocke was trying to convince Kate that Claire was an unfit mother. To me, it sounded like he wanted Kate to move off the dream of reuniting Clair and Aaron. To me, it sounded like he wanted Kate to think about saving Aaron from Claire lest he become a scary super-monster like FLocke. To me, it sounded like FLocke was… setting Kate up to murder Claire.
I think for some reason, one of the most important things in the big scheme of things will be that Claire did not raise Aaron in this timeline. And now maybe Smokey's trying to make Kate think it's better if Aaron is not raised by Claire. But that is a lie imo. It was pounded into us from S1 that it IS important and I think it will be this season too. Kate will have to make a choice, and the only right choice will be to reunite Claire and Aaron, even if it means terminating this timeline where that did not happen.

Also, it's interesting now to think that in the ep The Brig, Sawyer killed Locke's dad aka "Original Sawyer". Locke was supposed to do it but couldn't, so he got Sawyer to do it for him. Wonder when that confrontation will happen in the alt too? I'm betting it will.

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