Friday, March 05, 2010

Smokey: what do we know so far?

Ever since we first heard Smokey tear through the jungle near the beach in season 1's Pilot episode, the monster has been one of the most fascinating mysteries and characters on Lost.

Lately we've learned a lot more about him. I won't say "it" anymore, since he's told us that he is not a what, but a who.
  • It's a person. At least it once was a man. Someone who experienced love and betrayal. Or so he claims...
  • Can't be killed by bullets or even a magical looking knife. Yet The Others keep trying. Are they slow learners?
  • Can take the shape of dead people. I wonder if his human form with Jacob on the beach is his "original" shape or just one he used for a while after someone died on the island?

  • He's wanted to kill Jacob for a looooong time.
  • Jacob described Smokey to Hurley as "an old friend who became tired of my company".
  • It can (or at least could) assume various forms, appearing as Alex, Yemi, Christian Shepherd (I presume) and Locke.
  • After Jacob's death though, Smokey is (according to Ilana) stuck as John Locke but it can still appear as the smoke monster.
  • Smokey is (was?) a security system of some form. According to an "infected" Robert, it is specifically a security system for the temple. Rousseau later repeated told the Losties that it was the island's security system. Robert's assertion seems odd after we've now seen Smokey stomp on people inside the temple.

  • It's old. Ben saw a carving depicting the monster below the temple and they seemed to be ancient Egyptian in origin.
  • Even though it seems to be totally opposed to The Others more recently, it doesn't seem to have always been the case. Ben was able to summon Smokey from his house in Dharmaville. And when Ben returned on the Ajira flight, he told Smocke (aka fake Locke in Smokey's guise) that he needed to go to the temple to be judged by Smokey. The way he talked about that made it seem that this was the "usual procedure" in an Other had broken "the rules". Why would The Others submit to judgment by their "enemy"? Why would they be able to summon it like Ben did? This is really puzzling now that we've seen Smokey lay waste to the temple. But maybe those were his jobs while Jacob lived? And now he's free to do what he wants? Or almost...

  • Ben summons Smokey after Keamy kills Alex. Ben's line here is: "He changed the rules." In the context of what happens later it would seem that it's Widmore how changed the rules, since Ben doesn't know at this point that Smokey is actually a man... The only other "he" I can think this might refer to would be Jacob himself. And what rule? That an Other may not kill another Other? Or not kill children? Children are seldom or never killed as far as I can tell. Maybe the fact that Aaron ended up off the island was actually for his protection somehow? The Others have not killed any children. Is that a rule? (And is this connected to the pregnancy difficulties on the island somehow?)
  • Dharmaville had a sonic fence that kept Smokey out. He seems unable to "jump" the fence.
  • Ash seems to either repel or contain Smokey: it would appear he's unable to cross a line of ash (regular ash? or some special stuff?), though in "Sundown" we found out that it was the death of Dogen, the temple leader, which actually seems to have allowed Smokey to enter the temple.
Yikes. I really wonder how Smokey's powers and appearance will be explained.  It's still my favourite island mystery and now there are only a few more episodes to tell us all we want to know.

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and Lost-Media.

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