Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recon: so over this Sawyer

This was my least favourite ep of the season, even though I do like Sawyer and even better: Miles with Sawyer (Sawyer just seems to couple up nicely with a lot of people, like Hurley, Juliet and Miles).

Fake Locke talking about his crazy mom was interesting. I think he was telling the truth, but that his purpose was partly to try to manipulate Kate in some way. I'm surprised Claire didn't flip her lid on Smokey for lying to her about who had taken Aaron. Either she will later, or she's so nuts she has totally gone soft in the head. I do have a feeling that Smokey rarely lies. He just chooses to tell a part of the truth and spin it in a way that serves his purpose.

So now it seems we have Sawyer back to where he was when he was going to leave the island with Juliet: willing to leave without rescuing anyone else (Jin, Claire, Sun, Miles, Jack, Hurley...). I'm kind of over that Sawyer. I've seen him before and I hope that its all part of a cover or his grief and that it will wear off soon. He did after all tell Jin that he'd like to save him and Sun too... though who knows when that'll happen the way they're keeping the Kwon's apart.

Will this all end with time-skipping Juliet from last season shooting at someone in another canoe when people are headed over to Hydra island? That scene from last season always seemed like a set up for a future re-visit to me. Juliet shooting at someone in another canoe and hitting them, and then another time-flash took everyone to some other time all together... Who did she hit? Wait and see, like everything else!

Interesting that it seems Widmore is not working for Smokey. Is he working for Jacob? Or is he, maybe, in it for himself? To exploit the island or whatever? Is Eloise Hawking with him? Is Desmond? Penny?

More and more I'm getting the feeling that The Others and Jacob weren't so much protecting the island from Smokey (because let's face it, he seemed to roam there as he pleased pretty much), but that their purpose (maybe Jacob's purpose?) at least partly was to prevent Smokey from getting OFF the island. I really do think that if that's what Smokey wants, it's probably NOT a good idea for most everyone else. Not sure why, but there you go. It's Lost after all...

Sawyer and Charlotte hooking up felt really odd and random btw. Just... weird.

Did Smokey kill the passengers from the Ajira plane?

Finally: did Evangeline do something to her lips? I just thought her upper lip seemed bigger than usual, but maybe it's just my usual Kate-venom that clouded my vision... ;)

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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