Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jin and Sun get something to do

Yea, Jin and Sun DID get something to do but I still was not crazy about tonight's ep, Of course the writers' rarely give Jin and Sun anything meaningful to do. At least they got a lot of lines tonight! And I kind of liked their chemistry in the sideways. I wonder: If Sun dies, does something happen to "real" Sun in "our" timeline? Or nothing... I don't think we've seen a sideways lostie die, and I seem to remember hearing Darlton comment somewhere that we should wonder about what happens if someone dies in the alt.

Big reveal tonight: Locke needs to bring all the candidates off the island. Guess he can't kill them and can't let them stay to replace Jacob, so taking them with him is the alternative.

I'm kind of liking Widmore, freaky as that is. Maybe it's the voice. Great voice. And the other big reveal of the night, that everything they know and love with "cease to be" if Smokey leaves the island - what's that mean? That the world ceases to be? Or that another timeline takes over? At least Widmore seems to pretty much know what he's up against and what he's supposed to do which makes a nice change.

Also: Jin is buff. Those arms... wow. Guy has been working out while he was in Dharma! And very cool to see old Radzinski (killer of Charlie) back, even though he had two eyes now (until the very end at least).

Very glad to see Desmond back. Now why the hell is he back though? Is he a candidate? Or just sufficiently time-jumping to be of use somehow?

Widmore's presence makes me really wonder. I initially thought he might be allied with Smokey, but now it seems that's not true. He used to be leader of the Others, then got booted... but obviously never gave up on finding the island again. So was he some kind of alternate plan Jacob had? Or did he end up making up his own plan when he was kicked off? And what role did Faraday and his mom play in all of this?

Finally: someone for the love of all that is holy get that DAMN HAIR off Claire's head. That thing bugs me more than Kate right now. Just get it off her. Pretend she has a hair cut, finds some conditioner, braids her hair... whatever. Just let that thing go. Release it into the wild.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the Claire-hair! Everyone on the island has managed to look pretty good all these years, so why start with the crazy hair now? I think the actress could manage to act crazy without the help of that horrible wig!

Thanks for your posts. I enjoy them!

Maria said...

Thank you! And yes, can we start a petition to do something about Claire's hair?? :)