Saturday, March 06, 2010

I've got a new theory

I've got this new theory rolling around in my head right now, one that's based on my growing belief that the alternate timeline we're seeing this season might actually have been created by Jacob pushing events.

We all know Smokey manipulated people and events so that it would seem that Locke was meant to be leader of The Others. All so that he could take Locke's place and get Jacob killed: his "loophole" since he couldn't kill Jacob himself.

But I've come to believe that maybe the creation of the alternate timeline when the bomb went off was Jacob's "doublecross" or his own version of the loophole to save the losties (and maybe the whole world?) from Smokey. If he did this, then he did it totally on the sly and would have to be very careful not to let Smokey know that he was aware of his loophole-plans.

What I'm wondering tonight is if Alpert has somehow been helping Jacob along. Is that why he seemed to support Locke's candidacy as leader of The Others? I know he was intrigued by time-traveling Locke and his assertion that he'd be the leader one day, but he didn't seem at all convinced by Locke's performance as a child when he did that test. Yet he helped him along: gave him Sawyer's file when Locke couldn't kill his father (which lead to Locke getting Sawyer perform the murder), welcomed him as leader etc. Was this his way of playing along with Smokey's plan while he (and Jacob) were also making other arrangements?

After all, he did help Jack get the bomb they needed to try to "reset" the universe so they'd never crash on the island.

In essence: Has Alpert been pretending not to know about Smokey's plans for a loooong time, just so that Jacob's alternate timeline could happen?

Maybe. We'll see. As long as I get to find out more about Alpert, I'll be happy (or happier anyway... since this is Lost and every answer is usually followed by more questions...). For example: will we ever find out where that compass came from? The one Locke gave to Alpert in the weird little time-loop that happened there with Smokey and the time-skipping after the donkey wheel was turned.

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and Lost-Media.

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