Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A cork

What a great episode. Nestor Carbonell got to show some serious acting chops, and we found out a truckload of stuff about the island and Jacob and Smokey and the statue (how it broke!) and The Black Rock. In the Lost-verse, this one was truly epic. Carbonell had me totally sold on Alpert, as usual.

Mirroring his despair when he lost his wife and almost his life with his despair after losing Jacob, and his faith in the island was very effective I thought. And Carbonell's eyelashes were truly ON last night! He is the god of eyelashes for sure.

All in all it was a beautiful episode. And it showed us a lot.

  • Jacob fighting like a champ when Alpert came to kill him, showing us that he could have stopped Ben if he'd wanted to.
  • Smokey using the exact words and the exact same knife Dogen did with Sayid when he sent Alpert out to kill Jacob. What's that mean? I'm not sure, but it's surely significant somehow.
  • Jacob's exasperation at people not doing their bit being good!
  • Alpert asking to live forever, just like I had suspected: "May the gods grant you your heart's desire" indeed!
  • Hurley talking to dead people again: his role is becoming more and more significant this year.
  • And the opening scene, with the losties actually sharing information at the campfire was as groundbreaking as anything: we've never seen that before.

  • And that whole analogy about hell (or whatever people call it, paraphrasing Jacob) and the island being the cork holding evil in and protecting the rest of the world: WOW. Smokey leaving is apparently Very Bad News.

This episode deserves lots of straight up quotes, and I'm hoping a transcript of the show will be up somewhere shortly!

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia.

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