Monday, March 01, 2010

Claiming Aaron?

What's up with Aaron? For a loooong time he seemed so important to the storyline of Lost, what with all the pregnancy problems on the island, The Others being after Claire, the "vaccine", Kate taking him off-island, and not to mention Kate having a vision of Claire at Aaron's crib, telling her not to bring him back to the island.

And this season? Nothing. Except that Crazy Claire definitely wants Aaron back.

So what is up with Aaron? He's another Shephard clan-member who has spent time on the island (living and/or dead) of course: Jack, Christian, Claire, Aaron. He was born on the island. The psychic Claire met said he should not be "raised by another/an other". Smokey in the guise of Christian (we presume) or some other "apparition" of Christian, in Jacob's cabin and accompanied by Claire, said that Aaron was where he was supposed to be: off-island. So did Jacob and Smokey want Aaron off the island? Or just one of them? And why in that case?

Waaaay back in the Pilot part 2, there's the scene when Jin offers Claire some shellfish he's just caught. Claire hasn't felt the baby move since the crash, but as soon as she eats the shellfish, Aaron kicks. She also calls the baby "he", as though she's suddenly decided it's a boy. Reminiscent of the scene in this season's "What Kate Does" when Claire calls the baby Aaron when he moves during the ultrasound.

After watching Sayid "die" and then get "healed" and also "claimed" by something I have to wonder if Aaron was "claimed" too at that very moment when Claire felt him kick. Did Jacob claim him or Smokey? Or was it just the fresh food that made him move? And if a claimed Aaron is now off the island, what does that mean?

In the very dream-creepy episode "Fire + Water" , Charlie was freaking out because he thought Aaron was in danger. It ended with Aaron being baptized. Interesting to think that it seems that Jacob is associated with water (the healing spring), while Smokey seems associated with fire (the temple others put out their fire when they found out Jacob was dead and hey, no smoke without fire!).

That episode seemed full of clues and hints, and I've always wondered if we'd find out more of what it did mean. Maybe this season?

I've read speculation that Aaron is Jacob (who then ends up time traveling to the past), or is Jacob's son and that Jack's son David in the new timeline could be the Man in Black... But I'm not sure. I just hope that Aaron will end up being significant and important somehow. Because the show sure built him up as such!

I just read Eric's column on "Lighthouse" at Get Lost Podcast and he mentions Malkin the psychic's predictions/warnings about Aaron:
  • It is crucial that you yourself raise this child.
  • This child parented by anyone else, anyone other than you — danger surrounds this baby…
  • Your nature, your spirit, your goodness, must be an influence in the development of this child.
  • There is no happy life — not for this child, not without you.
  • It can’t be another. You mustn’t allow another to raise your baby.
 Maybe, maybe, maybe the island-timeline we've seen develop since S1 will actually result in Aaron being in danger or sick or dying somehow because the warnings were not followed. Will this be the catalyst for a decision by the losties (one or many of them) to "finish" that timeline? Maybe Aaron's life will play out as it is "supposed to do" in the new ALT timeline instead?

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media and Lostpedia.

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