Thursday, March 04, 2010


We are finally going to find out everything there's is to know about Alpert, or at least as much of it as Lost's creators deem necessary!, in an upcoming episode called "Ab Aeterno" ("From the beginning of time": such an awesome title!).

Of course, one of the main mysteries with Alpert is: why doesn't he age?

After seeing the last few episodes, I have a theory: Alpert is ageless because he once made a request of Jacob that he would not age. And Jacob granted his wish. Like it said on Jacob's tapestry: "May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires". Both Jacob and Smokey seem to make these kinds of deals with people: do what I ask and I will grant you something you desire.

Maybe some sort of deal was made even with Ben once upon a time: he was healed in the temple but maybe when that happened, something happened to him or he had to give something up for that to happen. Or did the process of being healed there automatically make him Jacob's man?

And as "good" as The Others sometimes seem. we've seen them kill all the Dharmites with gas and ask Locke to kill his father in order to become their leader. Of course, Locke got Sawyer to do it instead. Kind of like Smokey got Ben to kill Jacob...

We'll see if I'm right March 23!

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