Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smokey and Jacob and the island

Smocke told Sawyer in last night's episode that Jacob, and whoever is the new Jacob, has the task of protecting the island. He then mocked that idea, basically saying that "it's just an island"... Yea, just an island with smoke monsters, visions, healing waters and donkey wheels! Anyway. What if Jacob isn't protecting the island as much as protecting the world from Smokey? Or protecting the world from the island?

This is all speculation about something that will be the absolute end-game on the show, so who knows. But my mind is working overtime today when it comes to Lost!

And what's with all the rules about not killing certain people? Ben and Widmore couldn't kill each other for some reason. Michael couldn't even kill himself until Christian/the island "let" him. Smocke can't kill Sawyer or Jacob. But he can kill a load of other people... Smocke couldn't kill Locke either, but did manage to con Ben into killing him... so apparently Ben could do that, just not kill Widmore. 

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