Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lighthouse. Brain continues to spin.

I loved this Lost episode, but man, it was so stuffed full of info (Claire has a friend who is Locke/Smokey and talks to her dad regularly!) and hints (appendix scar!) and reveals (the numbers = degrees when turning the mirror at the lighthouse) and flashing back to old things (the caves! Christian's coffin! Shannon's inhaler!) that I'll have to digest it for a while.

Like Kate's number being 51, the reverse of Sawyer's 15.

I'm pretty sure Jin didn't mean to imply that Kate was evil for taking Aaron, though I'm sure the writers made him say "Kate took Aaron" so we could have maximum freak-out and misunderstanding from Crazy Claire. Once Jin realized Claire is not really functioning as the Claire he knew, it seems he's trying to get her to the temple in hopes of neutralizing her.

I think Jacob wanted the mirror broken. Or at least didn't really care if it was broken. I don't think Hurley and Jack were ever really brought to the lighthouse to light it, but for them (especially Jack) to see the mirrors. If Jacob JUST wanted the lighthouse fire lit, he could have just sent Hurley. But he wanted Hurley and Jack specifically out of the temple because someone, Smokey, is going there.

I still can't believe Jacob will turn out to be all evil like some people are speculating. Hurley's the only totally "good" character on the show as far as "good" goes on Lost, and if he's been duped by evil all along, I would think that would be quite lame. I'm not sure Smokey or Jacob are all good or all bad, but I'm pretty sure Jacob won't turn out to be some evil mastermind out to destroy the losties or the world. Or is he? LOL.

  • Loved the appendix scar scene with Jack. That episode when Juliet had to operate was so useless when it aired, but maybe they are trying to make it pay off now.
  • Loved Hurley trying to lie to Dogen. The man just can't lie convincingly to save his life! Also cool that Dogen can't see Jacob. And then Dogen turns up in the Alt!
  • Loved Hurley writing Jacob's new to-do list on his arm.
  • LOVED the scene with Jack and Hurley at the caves, talking about Christian's coffin and Jack finally telling someone how he actually found the caves. TPTB are obviously reminding us of some old key plot points before giving us the payoff in this final season.

I take it Claire did not timeflash to the 70s? Instead she seems to have stayed put in the "regular" timeline... Because she's infected? or undead? or just too damn frizzy for her own good?

I love this show, but geez, I have an easier time believing in the magic mirrors than Claire being able to manhandle anyone... Or even getting passed-out Jin to her hideout!

The mirror scene at the lighthouse was fantastic. Magic, spooky mirrors are one of my all-time favourite creepy horror-movie moments, and the way the flashed those landscapes and buildings in there subtly was giving me goosebumps.

But hey, who is number 108? Who was Jacob dialling into? Desmond? Widmore?

Oh look, they screencapped 108! It's someone called "Wallace":

Who is that? Just a decoy?

And who, WHO the heck is coming to the island? Widmore? Is that when the war really starts?

Lostpedia has a list of all the names from the dial, and some great screencaps of Hurley's arm and the dial and other things are also at Dark UFO's site.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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