Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kate. Ugh.

Didn't love this episode. Too much Kate who is always just... too much. The writers make her so ridiculous.

Of course the man at the wreckers yard helps her! Of course she horns in on Sawyer's grief and starts crying because everything's about her! Of course Claire likes her even though she points a gun at her and steals her bag! Of course she's rude to Claire when she goes back to pick her up after threatening her WITH A LOADED GUN! Of course no one catches her while she's driving around in a stolen cab!  Grrr. Yes, I can accept time travel and smoke monsters and non-aging Alpert, but the fact that no helicopters were looking for Kate in LA still bugs me!

I liked the reveal about Sayid being "claimed". I'm guessing this is what happened to Rousseau's crew. This also means that, probably, Jack's dad was claimed as well. Remember the scene with Claire and Christian in "Jacob's cabin", telling Locke to move the island? Yea, they looked awfully chummy together, like they were [i]definitely [/i]on the same side. And normal Claire wouldn't leave Aaron in the jungle, so it would make sense that something really bad happened to make her do that.

Recapping: Dead-Christian in a coffin was claimed, knocked-on-the-head Claire was claimed and now shot-and-drowned Sayid's been claimed? But does "being claimed" mean that they're the same as Smokey Locke? Somehow I don't think so... Wonder what is going on there.

There's been a lot of speculation that there are actually TWO versions of Christian Shepherd on the island. (Different shoes for each supposedly, and remember all the stuff about putting Christian's shoes on dead Locke?) Trippy for Jack if he ends up running into two versions of his dead dad: one "claimed" and the other... what?

And is it my imagination or did Holloway put on some pounds? Having a new baby at home might have cut into his gym-time...

Dogen the Other-leader actually seemed open to answering some questions, finally. But the whole cloak and dagger with the pill for Sayid... ugh. Why would a poison not work if Sayid didn't take it willingly? Maybe look in to some other poisons... And Darlton must be chuckling a lot these days, since the oft-joked-about zombie season seems to be actually here already!

More thoughts after this so-so episode:
  • I'd be very interested to find out who among The Others have actually met/seen Jacob. Has Dogen seen him? We know Ben never actually saw Jacob. We assume Richard has seen Jacob, but we've never actually seen him see Jacob. We know several Losties and Ilana saw Jacob OFF the island.
  • It's interesting to me that when we finally got to see Jacob's "house" in the statue's foot, Richard did not enter. Only Ben and Smocke entered. Ben, who had never been able to (allowed to?) see Jacob before now saw him. No one else saw Jacob at the statue. Only Smocke and Ben. I wonder if everyone would have been able to see Jacob had they entered?
  • Richard recognized Smocke from what he said about the chains (and I guess from the fact that he had assumed Locke's shape). What I wonder is: would Jacob look the same all the time? Or is he also capable of shapeshifting/taking a new host-body?
  • I can't wait for Richard's flashback to see what he's seen!
  • I am saddened that the writers do not seem to want Jack and Sawyer to work together, ever. The two actors are brilliant together imo, especially when they get to something other than just glower at each other... 
Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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