Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy crap.

That's about all I can say about this episode: Ho-ly Cr-ap!

At this point, it seems rather useless to try to figure anything out. Everything is being played out for final answers now, and we're not really getting clues as much as set-ups that will pay off rather more quickly than we're used to on Lost. But the questions! Wow, they're just swirling in my head after each episode, and especially this one which was so so so SO heavy with Lost-mythology.

  • Richard knows nothing about "candidates"? But Ilana and now-dead Bram mentioned that Frank might be one last season. And Smocke explains to Sawyer that it's "candidate" for being the new Jacob!
  • Jin OR Sun is a candidate. Candidates apparently are not to be killed (or can't be killed?). This must have been why the two Others last week had the argument over killing Jin: "He might be one of them."
  • Who is the blond kid running around, scaring even Smokey? Young Jacob? So Sawyer can see Jacob? Or is the kid someone else?
  • Who makes all the flipping rules? Like that Smocke is now "stuck" and can't change his face? Or that candidates can't be killed? The island?
  • And Smocke saying the island doesn't need a protector? Me thinks he's lying or at least withholding information. It really seems that Smocke is not as powerful as he wants to be: he definitely seems to need someone's help to get the hell off the island.
  • And he wanted Richard to join him. And he accuses Jacob of manipulating people: as if HE himself didn't manipulate as well?
  • The numbers! They all refer to people. But why the specific numbers?
  • I farking love this show.
  • And seeing Ben with Locke in the alt? Awesome. And AltHugo is cool. And the fact that Rose works for him? Cool. And Locke is with Helen and wants to invite his dad to the wedding?
  • AND: how long ago did Jacob write down those names???? 
Does Smokey need to find a replacement too, just like Jacob does? And is Smokey's original personality actually a person, or is he just a machine/creature/thing that has "absorbed" various people over the years.

That cave... I could see Jacob and Smokey sitting there, and Jacob talking about a balance between dark and light with the rocks on the scale. But the names! Why no Kate? Is she a bodyguard/Ilana type character? Or is she a hidden card for Jacob to play?

 And what about the kid? The one with the bloodied arms? Jacob? They sure picked a kid who looks like he could be a young Jacob...

What will I do when this show is over? There is nothing like it and I doubt there will be again.

One thought that occurred to me when the alt universe appeared this season: is this somehow the "real" timeline? Is this the timeline that we will be left with at the end of the show? One where the island is sunk and the Losties lead very different lives than in the show we've followed for so many seasons? Will the endgame involve wiping out the island timeline and sticking with the "new" timeline? I am still keeping my options open... 

Screencaps from Lost-Media.

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