Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crazy thoughts post-Lighthouse

Yesterday's episode, Lighthouse, was fantastic and so loaded with everything that I am still kind of reeling from it.

Lots of people at the Fuselage and elsewhere are now wondering if what will happen in the end is that SOME losties will disappear/die in the alternate timeline, while some will remain there and that that timeline will end up being the "real" one. At the same time, there's lots of speculation that maybe some of the losties on the island will (willingly?) sacrifice their lives in that alternate timeline to stay on the island. So that in the end, there will be only one version of each individual, not two as seems to be the case right now. (Is that why the people seem a little mixed up in the new universe? Like Jack forgetting when he had his appendix out?).

I've also seen a lot of people predicting that Jack's ex, and his son David's mother, will turn out to be Juliet. And maybe they're right. IF that is the case, and IF indeed the losties will end up having to choose between staying on the island and giving up their possible lives in the alt-verse (or the other way round), then I have this insane prediction:

Sawyer will become David's stepfather. Yes, he'll meet up with Juliet in the alternate reality and they'll fall in love and then Jack will some way or another have to sacrifice himself ON the island (maybe just by staying there), meaning he has to give up his place in the alt-verse. Leaving Juliet and Sawyer to raise David. I think that would be an oddly fitting end to the relationship between Jack and Sawyer. And it would also be a nice arc for Sawyer, since I think he will end up OFF the island (finally) and actually choosing/ending up with a good life there. (I'm betting there's a coffee date with Juliet and Sawyer somehow, like what she mentioned as she was dying "we'll go dutch".)

What will Kate do? Will she end up raising Aaron in the alt-verse too? Maybe. Because I'm thinking that maybe anyone who ends up on Smokey's side is doomed to lose their place in that new timeline. Meaning Locke, Claire and probably Sayid will somehow disappear from that new version of the world.

Yea, it's all nutty and far out and wtf, and I would NOT be surprised if all these theories are way off, but I kind of like the symmetry of it.

Going back to the idea of backgammon as a template or symbol of what is happening again: is the island the "bar", ie the place where stones are placed when they're knocked off the board? Or is the island the whole board? Or is it just part of the board, as I speculated earlier, with the outer world being the outer board?

One other thought that struck me was that the idea of balance seems to be heavily hinted at this season, with the scales in the cave. Maybe when there are only two people/forces on the island (Jacob and Smokey) there is some sort of balance or equilibrium. But when other people arrive, the game starts and the two sides have to play out their game. Time will tell what the "inside joke" was that Smokey mentioned to Sawyer as he threw the white rock on the scale into the ocean.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media, Lostpedia and Dark UFO.

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