Wednesday, February 03, 2010

And we're back!

Yep, we're definitely back and definitely still LOST.

The first ep of the season rocked and melted what was left of my mind. Alternate universe/timeline? Jack acting all weird and having some kind of cut on his neck? Desmond on the f-ing PLANE? The island UNDER WATER: like some drowned Atlantis with Dharma sharks and Otherton. Smokey/Locke showing his full awesomeness: "Sorry you had to see me like that."

Just wow. W-O-W.

What's it all mean? Who the hell knows? The writers are playing the end-game with us now, and we're getting into the metaphysics of the island and the time-weirdness and the destinies. Everything is up for grabs I think.

Some of my questions:
  • Is the alternate timeline actually a BETTER version? Could it be a version of the world where the losties redeem themselves without ever having to go to the island? Jack fixes Locke's legs, prison straightens out Charlie, Jin goes to jail and Sun is free to... yea, wait a second. How good could that be?
  • Where is Smokey's home that he wants to get to? The Temple?

  • How come Smokey couldn't kill Jacob but can kick Alpert's ass? (Don't hurt the pretty!)
  • Why is Kate still annoying as f- all? And why does she look so weird with makeup on? Evangeline just doesn't take well to make up I suspect. And for the love of all that is Lost, please let the damn love triangle/square/whatever just DIE. Kate can finally get her own storyline instead of always reacting to Sawyer or Jack.
  • I am tired of Jack and Sawyer being at odds. Just kiss and make up already.
  • Ash really DOES protect against Smokey! So was Jacob hiding out in his cabin then all that time, and then moved back to the foot because... ?
  • Is Sayid alive or possessed by Jacob?
  • Did Juliet realize that the bomb created an alternate timeline just as she died? "It worked." And will we see her talking about coffee and going dutch at a later date in alt uni?
  • How cool is Hurley, talking to dead people?
  • Jacob's list!!!!!

  • Terry O'Quinn RULES. Just rules. The world. Or whatever he'd like. He was brilliant both as alt uni Locke in a wheelchair and as Smokey in man-form. His scenes with Ben and with Jack were the best of the episode. O'Quinn is just the heart and head of this show for me. And the fact that Smokey seems to have a Locke-fascination intrigues me.
  • Was Jack's dad on the island Smokey? Is the fact that there seems to be two versions of Christian Shepherd (wearing different shoes) going to be addressed? Did Jacob AND Smokey impersonate him?
  • Did what happened to Sayid somehow also happen to Claire? Did Jacob heal her?
  • Is the alt uni a legitimate reality, or will it "fragment" somehow: like with Jack bleeding, Desmond seemingly appearing and disappearing...?
  • Finally: what the heck will I do when this show is over??? There is nothing like it and I doubt there will be again.
Images thanks to Lostpedia and LostMedia.


    Colleen said...

    OK, this was one I never got into, but it's fun seeing all your questions!! Enjoy!

    Maria said...

    Hehe, it's a weird show and I totally understand why some people can't get into it. But it's like a drug to me. I just. can't. stop.