Monday, June 01, 2009

The sickness and the vaccine

I've been re-visiting Season 1 and 2 a lot lately, and wondered more and more about the mysteries that were introduced back then. One mystery that has yet to be explained is the vaccine. Desmond kept injecting himself, then seemed to eventually think it was all some kind of ruse. Yet we later saw Charlie quite convinced that Aaron needed it when he got sick. And after testing it on himself, Aaron was injected.

Ethan also injected Aaron in the womb when he had abducted Claire.

Then there was the whole weird ruse of Claire getting super sick and bleeding and Juliet claiming then that it was because she needed the vaccine. Yet the truth was revealed to be that Claire had been fitted with an implant controlled by The Others and that's what triggered her illness.

But the question remains: What was the vaccine for?

Now, the one "sickness" that has been referred to throughout the show was the sickness Danielle said her crew contracted on the island. We no know that her crew was sucked in by Smokey and somehow altered. After that they looked like themselves yet wanted to kill Danielle.

One sickness, one vaccine?

What if the vaccine actually WAS to prevent this sickness? What if the injections somehow prevents "tampering" by Smokey, or whatever else it was that "infected" Rousseau's people? Is this why Charlie was sent visions to get the vaccine for Aaron? To prevent anyone tampering with him?

Or, was the vaccine somehow related to other dangers of the island, like protection from radiation? Or protection from time-related weirdness?

Anyone else have any thoughts about these issues? I really do hope we get an explanation of some kind for the vaccine, but since it seems to have been mostly forgotten, I am starting to worry that it won't be addressed at all.

Who was injected with the vaccine on the island? As far as we know:
  • Aaron
  • Charlie
  • Desmond
  • Kelvin
  • Claire

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