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Rewinding Season 5: The Little Prince & This Place Is Death

The Little Prince had two of the strongest time-skipping scenes: Locke seeing the light from the hatch the night Boone died and he banged on it and saw the light Desmond shone from below. And Sawyer witnessing Aaron's birth, with Kate helping Claire.

We also got to see Rousseau and her team arrive on the island and find Jin.

And we got the weird outrigger scene when the Losties find their Zodiac raft gone from the beach. Instead the two outriggers we now know were brought over from Hydra Island by Ilana and Bram's crew are there. And while the Losties paddle away to get to the Orchid (where Locke is now convinced he should turn the wheel himself) they are shot at by somebody. We still don't know who. Crazy options include:
  • The losties themselves will eventually time skip to this time after the incident and end up shooting at themselves.
  • Ilana and Bram are shooting at them in some scene we have yet to see.
  • Jacob's nemesis or his allies are shooting at them.
  • Fake Locke is shooting at them with Ben at his side.
Whoever is shooting, their identity is big enough of a reveal to be saved for next season.

There's also a lot of "shipper" stuff going on in this episode. We see some beginning movements of closeness between Sawyer and Juliet when Sawyer talks to her about what he saw in the jungle. Imagine that! Two people on Lost actually talking about what they experienced and how they felt about it! Will wonders never cease!

Off-island at about the same "time" (I think... lol), Kate and Jack have a heart to heart about Aaron aboard Penny's boat. Kate says that she wants to keep Aaron for her own. Jack goes along with it. She goes along with lying about what happened to 815. And this is the significant exchange:

KATE: After everyone we've lost--Michael, Jin, Sawyer... I can't lose him, too.

JACK: Sawyer's not dead.

KATE: No. But he's gone. Good night, Jack.

JACK: Kate... If we're gonna be safe, if we're gonna protect the people that we left behind, tomorrow morning, I'm gonna have to convince everyone to lie. If it's just me, they're never gonna go for it. So I'm gonna turn to you first. Are you with me?

KATE: I have always been with you.

Ok. Right there, she totally sounds like she immediately gives up on Sawyer and professes that it's really Jack that she is "with". Of course, later in the season, we get the psycho babble about her keeping Aaron to get over Sawyer. And then Kate sleeping with Jack because she's "so angry" at him for making her go back to the island. Is it any wonder I, and many others, think the writers are wrecking Kate as a character? Vacillating that much is just ridiculous imo.

Yes, the triangle/square/shape from heck just will not be put down by the writers. They keep flogging it and flogging it, and I can only imagine that they do so because they KNOW it matters to a lot of people. Yet it drives me nuts. JUST PICK ONE KATE! And stick with it. Or rather: writers, let her pick one and stick with it. The way they just HAD to stick her into the Juliet/Sawyer pairing this year and have everyone make evil eyes/googly eyes at each other was ridiculous. But anyway.

On to This Place Is Death. The episode where we got to see Rousseau's buddy Montand have his arm ripped off as the monster tried to drag him into its lair. And then we got to see what Danielle meant when she said her crew got "sick". It seems they came out of Smokey's lair altered in some way which made them willing and able to kill her. It's Jin who stops Danielle from entering just before he flashes out again.

Then, Jin gets dumped into Danielle's confrontation with her husband, Robert:

DANIELLE: Laisse-la! Pose-la! Pose ton arme! [Leave it! Put your gun down!]

ROBERT: Danielle, fais pas ça, c'est moi! [Danielle, don't do this, it's me!]

DANIELLE: T'es pas Robert! T'es changé! Cette machine t'as changé! [You're not Robert, you've changed, that thing has changed you!]

ROBERT: Danielle, je t'en prie. Pose ton arme. Je t'aime, pourquoi tu agis comme ça? [Danielle, please, put down your gun. I love you, why are you acting like this?]

DANIELLE: Parce que t'es pas Robert. T'es malade. Ce monstre t'a rendu malade. [Because you're not Robert, you've changed. That monster changed you.]

ROBERT: Mais il n'y a pas de monstre. C'est un système de sécurité qui garde ce temple, c'est tout. [There is no monster. It's just a security system that guards the temple, that's all.]

ROBERT: Maintenant, pose ton fusil. [Now put down your gun.]

[Danielle hesitates.]

ROBERT: Je t'aime, Danielle. Je ne veux que rien nous arrive. A toi, et à notre bébé. Je t'en supprie - fais pas ça. [I love you, Danielle. I don't want anything to happen to us. To you, or to our baby.]

[Danielle slowly lowers her gun. Suddenly, Robert cocks his gun and fires, but it does not work. Danielle shoots Robert in the head.]

Great scene. I loved this "flashback" to get Rousseau's backstory, which also gives us some things to chew on when it comes to the monster. Getting up close and personal with Smokey seems to change people. Or is it that the people really aren't themselves anymore, but impersonated by Smokey somehow. And further: did something similar happen to young Ben when Alpert takes him into that same area we saw Danielle's crew at, but this time to "heal" him? Did Ben get "infected" then in the same way Danielle's crew was "infected"?

Robert seems to have aquired some new knowledge too: he tells her the monster is just a "security system" tied to the temple. Is that what it is? We still haven't seen the temple itself on the show, but Alpert told Locke some of the Others live there. What is the temple (I know I've asked this many times)? A real temple? Something high tech that "makes" the monster? What? The fact that we haven't seen it yet has to mean that it is a pretty huge reveal.

The other absolutely myth-drenched scene is Locke, falling down the well (which Charlotte somehow knew would be there), breaking his leg and meeting Christian Shephard. A Christian dressed NOT in his funeral suit and white sneakers. A Christian who won't help him up. And a Christian with very specific instructions:


LOCKE: [Amazed] You! What are you doing down here?

CHRISTIAN: I'm here to help you the rest of the way.

LOCKE: I... I don't understand.

CHRISTIAN: You came to see me in the cabin. You asked me how to save the island and I told you you had to move it. I said that you had to move it, John.

LOCKE: But Ben said he knew how to do it! He told me that I had to stay here and lead his people.

CHRISTIAN: Since when did listening to him get you anywhere worth a damn? The good news is that you’re here now. You ready to go?

LOCKE: I don't... I don't... I... I don’t know... what to do once I get there.

CHRISTIAN: There's a woman living in Los Angeles. Now once you get all your friends together--and it must be all of them, every one who left--and once you've persuaded them to join you, this woman will tell you exactly how to come back.

LOCKE: Who is she?

CHRISTIAN: Her name is Eloise Hawking.

LOCKE: What if I can only convince some of them to come back?

CHRISTIAN: I believe in you, John. You can do this.

LOCKE: Richard said I was going to die.

CHRISTIAN: Well, I suppose that's why they call it sacrifice.

LOCKE: All right. I'm ready.

CHRISTIAN: Good. Now, on the other side of this column here is a wheel, slipped off its axis. All you have to do is give it a little push.

LOCKE: [Winces in pain as he attempts to stand] Could you help me up?

CHRISTIAN: [Bluntly] No. Sorry. I can't.

Whoever Christian is or is working for at this moment, he knows about Eloise, he knows about the pendulum in LA and he wants the O6 back on the island. He wants Aaron to come back too imo. IF this Christian is Jacob's nemesis, then I think that the plan is this:

  • The time skipping has given Nemesis his chance at crafting the loophole. Time traveling Locke has gotten Alpert interested in checking out Locke for possible recruitment and leadership.
  • Locke needs to be off the island to die.
  • Locke to know about Hawking because she can get him back on the island. And Locke has to die to bring everyone back, because then Nemesis can take Locke's place somehow and get Ben to kill Jacob.

But I'm still not sure about any of this. Why would Nemesis need all the other Losties back on the island? To make sure no one with a connection to the island remains in the outside world? Jacob too seems to want the losties all back on the island. And the huge question: WHAT made time start to skip? Ben turned the wheel and time went wonky. This gave Nemesis the chance he needed to open up the loophole and give instructions to Alpert who gave them to Real Locke who then gave them to Alpert again. Yea. Totally in a little loop of its own there. I really hope we get some sort of explanation of this in S6!

Christian Shephard and Hawking seem to want the same thing. Is that what Jacob wants? Both Ben and Locke are following the orders of these people, yet neither seems fully aware of what is going on. Like Desmond so succintly puts it later:

These people--they're just usin' us. They're playing some kind of game, and we are just the pieces.

This I think, is at the heart of what has been going on throughout S5. Someone is playing a game, and we still don't quite know the rules, the desired outcome or who the is using what playing pieces.

Screencaps thanks to Lostpedia and lost-media.


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