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Old questions - answered?

Way back in June last year, I posted a bunch of unanswered questions about Lost. Last night I was reading through that list again, and thought it was interesting enough to re-visit.

42 Unanswered Questions, revisited and even answered

  1. What is the Smoke Monster? - Well now. We don't know what it is yet, but we know the temple seems to be it's "lair" and we know it can be summoned by pulling that plug in Ben's basement, and that the Egyptians made offerings to it at some point in time. Or knelt down to be judged by it. Or something. It's old anyway.
  2. Why can't women who conceive on the island carry the baby to term? - No idea. Is it because the statue is/was Taweret the fertility hippo and when it was damaged the problems started? Or is it because there was a nuclear incident and that's screwing things up? All speculation.
  3. How come the island is so hard to find? - Because it's always moving, as Mrs Hawking told us in "316".

    ELOISE: [Sighs] All right. I apologize if this is confusing, but... [To Jack, who is still staring at the photo] Let's pay attention, yes? The room we're standing in was constructed years ago over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy. That energy connects to similar pockets all over the world. The people who built this room, however, were only interested in one.

    SUN: The Island.

    ELOISE: Yes. The island. They'd gathered proof that it existed. They knew it was out there somewhere, but they just couldn't find it. Then a very clever fellow built this pendulum on the theoretical notion that they should stop looking for where the island was supposed to be and start looking for where it was going to be.

    [Pendulum whooshes]

    JACK: What do you mean, "Where it was going to be"?

    ELOISE: Well, this fellow presumed, and correctly, as it turned out, that the Island was always moving. Why do you think you were never rescued? Now while the movements of the Island seem random, this man and his team created a series of equations which tell us, with a high degree of probability, where it is going to be at a certain point... in time. Windows, as it were, that while open, provide a route back. Unfortunately, these windows don't stay open for very long. Yours closes... in 36 hours. [She hands the binder to Jack]

    Exactly why it keeps moving we still don't know.
  4. Why was it impossible for Desmond to sail off the island but seemingly so easy for the freighter to find its way there? - Presumably the freighter knew where the window was. Just like flight 316. So did they use the pendulum and Eloise too? Don't know that yet.
  5. What is Widmore's deal with the island? - Answered! He used to be leader and then Ben/the Others kicked him out for having a child off the island and being a bonehead. Or something.
  6. Is Daniel Faraday time-traveling somehow? - Well, he did this season. And he had used himself in his time travel experiments at Oxford.
  7. How did the polar bear end up in Tunisia? - Not sure. But it probably has to do with the donkey wheel.
  8. How come Richard Alpert doesn't seem to age? - Because of Jacob. Not sure what that means. It's kind of like the answer "42" in Hitchhiker's Guide. It's an answer, yet doesn't tell you much!
  9. How exactly does "the island" prevent people from dying a la Michael? - Hmmm. Does Jacob do it? Fate? Not sure.
  10. How did the Others get Juliet to the island? The submarine? Seems a long ride from Portland. - Sub. I think. Still not sure about the specifics of submarine travel to the island though!
  11. Who is Abbadon? - He's dead. He worked for Widmore. His job was to get people where they were supposed to go. Yay
  12. Who is Jacob? - He doesn't age. He touched the losties in their past. And he's dead too. Or maybe not. And we still don't really know who or what he is. But at least we know he exists! Or at least existed...
  13. How come Jacob's cabin is seemingly hard to find? - No idea. And now we're not even sure it was Jacob's.
  14. What are Walt's special powers and why did the Others say they got "more than they bargained for" with him? - Will we ever know?
  15. Who are Adam and Eve? - No idea. But I'm betting it is/will be Rose and Bernard.
  16. What is the Temple? A real temple or a hatch or what? - The outskirts of it seem very temple-like. And some Others live there.
  17. How did Yemi's plane get to the island? - No idea. Through a window in time/space?
  18. How did the Black Rock get to the island? - Sailed there. Brought there by Jacob. I think. If it was the ship we saw in The Incident anyway. Still not sure how it ended up on top of the island...
  19. Is Dr Marvin Candle (or whatever his real name is) still alive? - He was in the 70s! Probably not anymore though...
  20. Who/what made the food drop we saw in "Lockdown"? - No idea.
  21. What was the sickness that killed Danielle's crew? Same as what happened to the people on the freighter? Then why didn't Danielle get it? - Answered! They got pulled into the ground/temple by Smokey and came out looking the same yet all killing-crazy and very island-knowledgeable suddenly...
  22. Why was Juliet branded? What purpose did that serve? Just to make Jack pity her? - Because she was banished I guess. Though we never saw this matter brought up again.
  23. How exactly does the island make people sick when it seemingly cures some? IE how come Ben and Jack got sick? - No idea. Jacob seemingly has healing powers though... and maybe the electromagnetic energy plays a part.
  24. What is the story with the four toed statue? - Well. Jacob lives in the foot. Lived I mean. And it was Taweret. So say we all. Even though it still looks like a croc to me!
  25. What is the meaning of the whispers? - No idea.
  26. What happened to Claire? - No idea.
  27. How can Miles talk to dead people? - He just can. And has been able to since he was a little kid.
  28. Who built the donkey wheel under the Orchid? - No idea. It was there when Dharma investigated anyway.
  29. What was the vaccine for that Desmond kept injecting himself with? Did it really help protect him from something or was it just a ruse of some kind? - No idea.
  30. What happened to Kelvin's body? - Taken by Smokey? By Jacob's nemesis? No idea.
  31. How come Dharma people seemed to be present at both Locke's and Ben's births? (Alpert in Locke's case and Goodspeed in Ben's.) - Hmmm. Well, not sure abour Horace. But Alpert was at Locke's birthplace because Locke had told him to be there while time-traveling.
  32. What happened to Annie?- No idea.
  33. Was Charlotte born on the island? - YES!
  34. What's the origin of Alpert's people, aka The Hostiles? - People brought by Jacob and their decendents?
  35. How and why did Walt appear on the island, both to Shannon and Locke? - No idea.
  36. Why did the monster kill Eko? (Other than the fact that the actor wanted off the show...) - Because it felt like it and he wasn't sorry like Ben was? Maybe.
  37. What was behind Charlie's weird visions of Aaron in danger from "Fire + Water"? - No idea.
  38. What happened to Christian and Yemi's bodies? - No idea.
  39. Was the psychic who sent Claire off on the 815 flight a real psychic or a fraud? - No idea.
  40. What did Ben do to call up the Smoke Monster? - Pulled the plug in his basement.
  41. Who is Ms Hawking who turned up in Desmond's time-travel flashbacks? - Answered! She is Daniel's mom. Ex-leader of the Others. And one tough cookie with a lot of knowledge about a lot of stuff.
  42. What's up with the Hurley Bird? - No frikking idea.
Lots of answers! But a lot of them are answers that just lead to more questions. Oh well. Maybe next season all of them will be answered. Even the Walt stuff? Even the Charlie stuff? Perhaps. Hope springs eternal.

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