Thursday, May 21, 2009

My prediction!

So yes, I'm obsessed with Lost. Why do you ask? Sure, it will fade a bit before the last season starts up, only to flare up again when it does.

Anyway. I was thinking about this past season and that tptb probably put in a lot of stuff that will have payoffs somehow next season. One scene I remembered that we have yet to see explained, was from The Little Prince when the time-skipping Losties on the island flashed to a point in time where they found the outrigger canoes at their old beach camp. And an Ajira bottle... Yep, that's right: they were in the same time as FakeLocke and Ilana et al at the end of the season! And they got shot at when they took one of the canoes. Who shot at them? We still haven't found out. Which is weird really, since we've seen the interconnections of other moments in time-skipping time already.

What I wonder is this: what if they're shot at by themselves? What if the Losties in 1977 flash to 2007/present day storywise. And what if they're still at the same place. And what if they run from there to the beach and get a canoe. And for some reason I don't know yet, they fire at the people they see in another canoe?

I could be wrong. Hey, with Lost I'm wrong a lot. But whoever it is that fired/fires on them, I do think it is a big reveal. It will either be themselves or some new group perhaps that we haven't seen yet.

Interesting point about that outrigger chase: at that point, there were three Locke's on the island. Dead Locke, Fake Locke and Time-skipping Locke. And they all existed in a time frame when Fake Locke was intent on going to see Jacob, or had already managed to get him killed.

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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