Friday, May 01, 2009

Lost: The Variable. Whoa.

WOW. Widmore is Daniel's and Penny's dad. And Eloise Hawking raised her son, knowing every single day that she would be the one to kill him. That she in fact had already killed him. That's like Greek tragedy somehow, isn't it? No wonder the woman was so uptight. I guess she must be very convinced that the past/future can't be changed (or that whatever happened because Daniel died is so important that it HAS to happen again), because otherwise you figure she would have at least tried to change things. Is she right or was Daniel right when he said that things might change after all? Seems to me, so far everything is playing out the way it always has. But maybe things can be changed.

I've decided not to give a crap about the love-story stuff, because imo Juliet's life (or role on the show) has been in grave danger ever since she was hooked up with Sawyer. The makers of Lost have a sick fascination with keeping the love triangle/square alive, and I'm sure that by S6, somehow, Sawyer will be available to Kate again. And to Jack. WHATEVER! I wish they would just let that stuff die. But I don't think they won't. So they are totally building towards either Juliet dying, making it off the island or betraying Sawyer so horridly that he will be free and clear and ready to go for Freckles again. Blech! Just let them all end up with other people ffs! I will try to just enjoy the other aspects of the show, and not the ham-fisted soapiness of all that.

It's interesting to me that the hostiles have never seemed very aware of the time-travel possibilities of the island. When Daniel and the losties showed themselves to the Others in the 1950s, they seemed totally shocked to hear about people time-travelling. So did that kind of thing maybe never happen before the the losties started skipping in time? Alpert's agelessness must be due to some other properties of the island then, or to the fact that he is not really alive: maybe resurrected like Locke and Jack's dad?

Loving this show right now, even though I thought the sight of Faraday crying was kind of painful, and not in a good way! Good to see that scene with him all upset when he saw the fake plane crash on TV again: and the get to see Widmore own up to faking that crash! Yay! Still don't quite understand WHY Daniel was upset at the sight of that plane... but maybe the experiments he'd been doing had somehow affected his brain so that he could "sense" the past/future even if he couldn't totally remember what it was all about.

Only Miles left now of the freighter people who were introduced last season. Wonder how long he'll last? If Hurley is going to die, and there are suggestions to that effect out there, then maybe Miles will be his replacement as funny sidekick guy?

Finally: can we have an All-Alpert-All-The-Time episode soon. Because holy hotness in the jungle, the man is just wasted as a supporting actor. Please, please, please, bring us an Alpert-centric episode in S6! (Because I'm betting it's too late for one now.)

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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