Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jacob as the constant?

Today's new theory:

I'm starting to think that we will have a Desmond-like situation for all the 1977 losties when S6 rolls around. Their minds will flash into their pasts (after the crash on the island perhaps) and maybe they will be able to change/understand things in a different way then they did the first time around. Since they are at the source of what threw Des "out of time" when the Incident happens, they may experience the same thing he did when the hatch blew up. And that would also mean that Desmond's experience was a kind of set up for what is to come now. Could it be that Jacob made himself their constant by touching them all? So that the time travel they will now experience a la Des will not kill them by nosebleeding them to death?

And then their bodies and "whole selves" will somehow end up with the "now" timeline. One last time-skip after their minds have traveled back to the past? So that they arrive in our now with more info than previously? Will they also be able to tell the future like Des could? I do think that somehow what happened to Des will be what happens to them, if slightly different in some respect.

This would make Desmond's entire "Flashes before your eyes" storyline hang together with the overall storyline of the show in a much better way than it currently does.

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