Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Incident of My Blown Mind

So I'm still totally blown away by Lost's season finale. The implications and hints and revelations and questions are crowding my brain in a way that makes it almost impossible for me to do anything I'm supposed to do!

Some thoughts rushing through my brain:

Good catch by a poster at The Fuselage: the piece of cloth Ilana found in the cabin had been torn off from the tapestry Jacob had made and that was hanging on the wall inside the statue. Who put it there? And was the cabin Jacob's or not? Was the ash to keep him in, or someone else in, or was it to protect it from something entering it?

Btw, that tapestry is gorgeous. I want it for my very own. Can I put in an order with Jacob I wonder?

Maybe Ilana was looking for Alpert at the cabin? Though why she would, I don't know since I don't think he ever lived there. However, once her party got to the statue, it's him she asks for quite specifically and without hesitation, not Jacob (though maybe she knows it's bad form to do so, and that you have to go through Alpert to get in to see Jacob?).

Why did Jacob seemingly accept his fate so readily? His "What about you" (a wonderful scene and so intense at fraught with emotion and meaning that I can't get it out of my head) to Ben did not try to placate or soothe at all. Is this an Aslan-moment followed by resurrection? A Judas-moment of betrayal for Ben? Certainly Fake Locke looked less than pleased to hear that "they are coming".

How has Jacob been leaving the island? Physically traveling off it or transporting himself off it in another way?

Is the NotJacob man Smokey? Or at least tied to him. Is he able to only take the shape of people who are dead and whose bodies are on the island? When Ben met Alpert for the very first time, they have an interesting convo about Ben's vision:

BEN: Mom..? Mom? Mom! Mom! Mom!
[Ben hears the whispers, and then turns to see a long-haired Richard Alpert standing behind him]
RICHARD: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. Whoa, hey, hey, whoa, I didn't mean to scare you. Wait, wait! Are you lost? Wait!
BEN: Are you one of them?
RICHARD: One of whom?
BEN: A hostile.
RICHARD: Do you even know what that word means? What's your name?
BEN: Ben.
RICHARD: Ben? So you wanna tell me what you're doing in the middle of the jungle all by yourself?
BEN: I left home, and...I'm looking for my Mom.
RICHARD: You think she's out here?
BEN: You wouldn't believe me.
RICHARD: Try me.
BEN: She's dead.
RICHARD: Did she die here, on the Island?
BEN: No. When I was a baby.
RICHARD: Did you see her, out here, Ben, in the jungle?
BEN: She talked to me.
RICHARD: What did she say?
BEN: That I couldn't come with her. She said it wasn't time yet.
RICHARD: You should go home now, your people will be looking for you.
BEN: I don't want to go back there! I hate it there! Take me with you.
RICHARD: Maybe that can happen, maybe. But if that's what you really want, Ben, if that's what you want, I want you to really think about that. And you're gonna have to be very, very patient.
If Smokey/Esau can only take the shape of people who died on the island (and/or if their bodies are there), then Alpert is basically asking this to find out if Ben is really having visions of dead people (sent by Jacob?) or if he's being lured by Smokey. Seems Ben's was the real deal at this point.

Could it be that Jacob also uses the shapes of dead people to contact people? His convo with Hurley in The Incident seems to hint at that. Maybe Hurley's visions are "true" visions also: maybe they are even communications from Jacob? Jacob does call his ability a "blessing"...

Anyway, Ben seems to have had true visions as a child. Was his murder of Jacob a necessary act, something Jacob knew was coming and did not try to stop? Kind of like Judas and Jesus? Or has Ben been manipulated by Esau into betraying Jacob? Or has Ben maybe unwittingly (or not) been serving Esau's side all along? He did kill Locke, and that was something Esau/Smokey wanted.

I still think there might be more to Ben, just as I think there might be more to dead Locke.

In some ways, Ben's situation right now is the same situation Locke found himself in when he lost faith in the hatch. First Locke spent all that time believing it was the right thing to do to push the button. Then, after Ben lied and told him the button didn't do anything, Locke started to lose faith in it and ended up causing the whole exploding hatch debacle.

This time, because of FakeLocke's manipulations, Ben loses faith in the one thing he had believed in blindly, even though he'd never seen him: Jacob. And Ben ends up killing him.

Ben is a liar, but he didn't lie about serving Jacob all those years. And I don't think he lied to The Others about seeing Jacob: that lie was for Locke only. Alpert obviously knew that Ben couldn't see Jacob and didn't even know where he was. It's interesting to go back and read the transcript of The Man Behind the Curtain, considering what we know now.

And what about Jack's dad? Are there two manifestations of him as has been long speculated, set apart by their shoes? One "good" wearing the white tennis shoes, and one "sinister" version wearing dark shoes. And then we also have Dead Locke wearing Jack's dad's shoes. Weirdness!

I loved the scene with Ilana and Alpert at the statue.
The relief on her face when he said the right words, and the surprise? worry? on Alpert's face as though he was retrieving a long-gone memory, a memory of something he learned long ago and had almost forgotten... wow. It was powerful. Ricardus is still a major player and I hope we get to see WAY more of him next season. His line that "I am the way I am because of Jacob" was another gem.
I really got the feeling Alpert had a VERY bad feeling about the whole thing with Locke and Ben going in to see Jacob. His comment to Sun about wishing he had some booze was telling. He was severely rattled. Was he rattled because he knew that something bad or at least tragic was going down inside the statue? Or was he starting to suspect that he had been played by FakeLocke?

By the looks of things,NotJacob did pull a very elaborate con on Richard, Ben and Real Locke to maneuver them all into the position of "betraying" Jacob. But is that what actually happened? Jacob seems to have been aware that something was up: asking Ilana for help, resurrecting Locke (if that's what happened) after his fall, and maybe maybe also healing Ben once upon a time when he was a child. Does Ben remember what happened when he was healed I wonder?

So many things to think about. And the statue: is it Sobek or Taweret or something else or just an invention for the show? At this point, I think it's Sobek or a variation of him. How come Jacob's enemy didn't seem to know where Jacob was btw? Was that just part of the ruse? After all, at the very start of the show, Jacob told the other man that when he found his loophole, he (Jacob) would be right there. And where were they: yes, at the statue.

That opening conversation between the two of them was short but so heavy with meaning. "They come, they kill, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same." "It only ends once. Everything that comes before that is progress." (With excuses for it not being word for word exactly what they said. Still waiting for Lostpedia's transcript.) I really hope both actors are back next season because they were both spectacular. I also got a heavy brother-vibe from them. Enemies tied together very close somehow.

I think for me, this was Lost's best ep ever. Especially if I could erase all the Kate and triangle/quadrangle nonsense.

Can't wait to see what Hurley's role is next season and what the heck is in the guitar case! Talk about a MacGuffin!

Screencaps thanks to lost-media, lostpedia and DarkUfo.

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