Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Incident Blew My Mind


What an episode. That's almost all I can say tonight. That and: DIE KATE DIE! Jack won't ask her for a date but will blow up the island to get her to forget she hates him? Ummm... yea...

Other than that this was frikking awesomeness!!! So much just ... wow... I can barely speak because the show completely blew my mind last night.

The opening scene was classic Lost. They gave us Jacob, just like that: here he is! this is what he looks like! and he's like totally old! BUT at the same time they give us Frenemy Black Shirt and we don't know his name and we have no f-ing idea who he is or what his agenda is, except that it seems he doesn't want people coming to the island.

Was the loophole the Frenemy had looked for, was that Ben? Unhappy, neglected Ben who had never been allowed to see Jacob? Did "all the stuff he went through" to kill Jacob have to do with "creating" this Ben: this unhappy, manipulating liar who lost his daughter? Well that and convincing people that Locke should be leader but then taking Locke's place by getting him to die and be shipped to the island? And then getting Ben to kill Locke and listen to him and take his orders? Did Smokey Alex/Monster know that Locke was not really Locke when it told Ben to listen to him and obey? Because either the monster is on Jacob's side and was fooled, or the monster is on Frenemy's side and always has been...

I wonder if Frenemy can leave the island? Maybe he can't. And how does Jacob leave the island anyway?

And Richard knew Ilana's password! And she was "recruited" by Jacob! So it would seem she works for Jacob in some capacity. Who was she looking for in the cabin surrounded by ash? Frenemy? Because Jacob didn't live in the cabin, so maybe whoever Hurley and Locke saw there was the Frenemy? Did the ash keep him trapped and then someone let him out? Christian maybe? But then Christian is probably the Frenemy, because I don't know how he could be Jacob...

And I think Hurley is going to play a huge role. Jacob recruited him too: and left the guitar case. Whatever is in there was from Jacob imo.

The whole "I blow everything up for Kate" stuff was so f-ing lame and stupid and WEAK that I will try to wipe it from my mind. The rest of the ep was brilliant, but that was DUMB! So dumb I wanted to slap people. And the Radzinsky character was like some B-movie villain of dumbness too.

However: Richard. Oh my. His hotness in this episode was astounding. I swear the man is ageless sex on a stick. "I am the way I am because of Jacob". I want my Alpert flashback dammit!

Did anyone else thing Locke was dead when he fell out the window and that Jacob brought him back to life?

The ep absolutely rocked, apart from the Kate crap and Juliet dying. But I kind of knew that was coming.

More when my brain cools.

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