Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Follow the leader: entering WTF territory

Alpert making a Black Rock in a bottle. How cool was that? But...

Kill Jacob? WTF? Add to that the fact that New Locke is the person who told Alpert to tell Old Locke to a) get off the island, b) get everyone back and c) he'd have to die. Wha? What the hell does that mean?

I'm starting to wonder if perhaps there has been a feud between two factions on the island for a looooong time and one side is headed by Jacob. The other side has tried to get rid of Jacob for a loooong time, but has not been able to find him, for whatever reason. (Whatever it is that's possessing or informing New Locke, it doesn't know where Jacob is.) Now that side has managed to "take over" Locke and since he's leader of the Others, that side now has a chance to find Jacob and take him out. As to who is good and who is evil, I've got no idea at this point.

Interesting that Locke thinks Ben was never able to see or hear Jacob. That's what I've always suspected myself, and Ben didn't deny it. Was Ben faking his connection to Jacob all this time? I think he might have been.

If Locke wants to kill Jacob, then that would mean that the Smoke Monster also wants Jacob dead, since Smokey told Ben to do whatever Locke told him to. So is Smokey involved with the other side? I have no clue. I feel totally mindblown at the moment, but as long as there's Alpert, I'm alright.

Btw, how weak is Sun? All she does is spout off about Jin and show pictures. At the beginning of the season she seemed to be all kick-ass, but now she's more wimpy than ever before.

Btw, the pic above here and the conversation it shows, seems to indicate that Eloise is pregnant: with Daniel? I'd say he'd have to be older, but tptb seem to have the age thing totally mixed up: Charlotte is older than Daniel? Eh...

Funniest scene: Chang interrogating Hurley! LOL. As for the Sawyer/Kate/Juliet stuff... less said the better. Though I do think Phil better watch his back if Sawyer does come back to the island. And Jack's exchange with Kate: "Enough of it was." HA! Burn Kate, BURN!

This show's nuts. Totally frakking nuts now. But with Sayid and Alpert to look at, I think I can handle it.

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