Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Like It Hoth

I really, really liked this episode and now I want Miles to get a spin-off with Hurley as sidekick. They can be stuck in the 70s and make Star Wars jokes and have daddy issues, fight crime and have whacky super powers like playing chess with dead people.

I loved Miles' backstory! His scene doing the ghost-whispering as a child were super creepy! "He's still talking to me!" *shiver* And yes, Hurley with Miles ROCKS, and so did all the Star Wars references!

Interesting that the people who took Miles in the van asked "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" just like Ilana did last week. Which would mean that she doesn't work for Widmore like I had assumed, since the people in the van didn't seem to be working for Widmore at all. So who are they? My crazy idea: they're all the dharma kids grown up! Miles and Charlotte were both born on the island but ended up off island growing up. Maybe ALL the dharma kids ended up off island and are now getting together for whatever reason to go back there? And one more thing: maybe all those kids were shipped off island because someone (a lostie) is going to warn Dharma about the Purge! That's my theory of the week anyway.

Main question: What the heck are they doing with the dead bodies in that Orchid station?????Do they travel them back in time? Use them for bear food? What?

Hurley writing an improved script for Empire was gold, though I really think he should have written Lucas to tell him not to screw up eps 1-3 so much...

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