Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lost: Kate-centric! And I didn't hate it!

Disclaimer: I am no fan of Kate or Evangeline's acting in general (she's not crap, but she never wows me much, except in occasional scenes like the helicopter with Sawyer for example). But I actually liked her more than I usually do in this ep. Maybe because I hated Jack so much for not helping, that I automatically liked everyone else? The scene when she said goodbye to Aaron while he slept had me in tears (best crying Evangline ever did btw), maybe because I just can not imagine saying goodbye to my kids like that... so yea, total projection! I liked that she chose to give Aaron to his grandmother and I really liked that she now has a reason, independent of Jack or Sawyer, to go back to the island. Finding Claire is definitely a good reason for her to come back, imo.

Also loved that Juliet and Kate have not bickered yet, and that Sawyer still seems to be in love with Juliet, even with Kate in the hood. The scene when he asked about Clementine was a heart-wrencher for me, and my triangle-hating self was practically doing the jig when he told Kate they would have never worked out. I so love the characters MORE when they're not tied into that lame triangle/square!

And Miles to Hurley: "you're an idiot"? LOL! Excellent moment with teasing out the rules of Lost's time travel as opposed to Back to the Future, for example. I really hope we get some more Miles action: anyone who can talk to dead people should get their own ep imo!

The scene with Alpert was my favourite of the show. His eyelashes alone make me love his scenes, but OMG! The whole "if I take him he will never be the same, he will lose his innocence and he will always be one of us" was so damn creepifying! It obviously has to do with Smokey somehow, and I am DYING to see what happens to Ben in that temple!

I also thought the scenes with Ben's dad were nice. We've seen him act as such an asshole all the time, and I guess he still is, but he got to have some real dad-moments there anyway.

All in all, I am shocked and amazed that I did not totally hate a Kate-centric ep. I even liked her bonding sessions with Cassidy, in spite of the whole "oh poor me, I was so selfish and needed Aaron!" thing... So for me, this totally proves that the triangle must die die die [i]die[/i]. Without it, I can even like Kate! For the first time since S1 I think. Amazing. Jack's line to her "You didn't like the old me." was good too. So basically she didn't like old Jack and she doesn't like new Jack. Heh. I think she should settle for Cassidy.

And now I feel strangely sorry for Ben. Whatever happened to him, it was something unnatural. Can't wait to see it up close!

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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