Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dead Is Dead

WHOA! This episode was CREEPY. The whole temple thing totally had me with goosebumps!

I loved the episode. LOVED. We got tons of answers: what happened to Des and Penny? why was Ben beat up? why did he kill Locke? And we got to see the monster! At home! I've seen posts on the internet by people who think we know all about the monster now, and they're not happy that the explanation seems so "un-scientific". But I don't think we really know much about the monster at all. Yes, we know Egyptians came there, kneeled down and were judged, but what is the monster? what's it's purpose? did it heal Ben as a child? what are the rules for the shapes it takes (only dead people?)? and finally what's it made of? We don't know any of that. The Egyptians might just have come along and worshiped it, I don't think they created it. I just hope we don't get a BSG explanation like "God did it, but he doesn't like that name". Other than that I'm good with pseudo-science, science fiction and a bit of fantasy for the explanations.

And really, ever since we saw Christian Shepherd walking around the island in S1, there's been a lot of stuff science could not explain. Unless we talk "science" like time-travel of course and zombies!

What I want to know is: where is Jacob in the 70s? Is he already some weirdly trapped guy in a cabin or is he more real-time back then? Is he tied in with the monster somehow? And what about the hawtness of 1970's Widmore! Yowza! I was hoping he was going to stick around, but I guess not for long... *sigh*

I think Ilana's question about the statue was to ID the members of her/Widmore's "team". They must have all been sent off on the plane, but without knowing who the others were. Reminds me of Kelvin's question to Des in the hatch when he was trying to figure out whether Des was "him": "What did one snowman tell the other?" or something like that.

I am loving the new Locke and also the new Ben. Seeing Ben freaked out, scared and totally uncertain of what to do rocks. I was getting tired of the self-confident, all-knowing Ben so this makes a nice change. And how creepy was Alex? I was just waiting for her fangs to come out! That monster knows how to scare the everliving crap out of people, that's for sure.

Now I'm off to learn how to read hieroglyphics!

And this image from last week's episode still gives me shivers. The way Alpert enters the temple with Ben... just, wow. I am really hoping we get to see what happened next.

Screencaps thanks to Get Lost and Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff.

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