Thursday, April 02, 2009

BSG: I frakking love Saul Tigh!

Watched the last ep of S3 and the first of S4 last night and OH MAN, I frakking do love Saul Tigh! His scene with Adama when he told him he was a cylon was one of the best acting performances ever. Not by Olmos mind you, but Saul Tigh kicks ass. His acceptance of his own nature, the fact that he was ashamed not for being a cylon but because he had deceived Bill... golden.

Also the scene when Sam and Chief were taken into custody: seeing Cheif actually smile as though he was thinking "hah! they finally figured it out!" and didn't give a damn was awesome and so true to where his character is at. Same with Sam who looked more worried about Kara than anything else. Of course Tory ran off to the mothership asap. Good riddance! And then finding out Ellen is the 5th! And they all lived on that planet 2000 years ago! A planet full of cylons! Living like people! And it was nuked! And they resurrected to... somewhere! And Kara is dead yet alive and Leoben is freaking out! Wow. Total massive awesomeness in these eps.

But Tigh... wow. He knows who he is, cylon or human, he is and remains Saul Tigh. Gawd what great acting and what a great character. These two eps were fantastic.

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