Monday, March 23, 2009

Sawyer/Han vs Jack/Luke (and Leia too!)

I've been thinking about how juvenile and immature Jack's and Sawyer's bickering seemed in Namaste, and remembering also how Darlton have a fascination with Star Wars. They've said many times that Sawyer is like Han Solo: the rogue turned good guy. Which would make Jack the whiny Luke character I guess.

Now I know Luke and Han bicker a lot and have this ongoing feuding at the beginning of Star Wars, but eventually they come to some sort of an understanding. Yea, they still banter, but it's not really hostile anymore. They both come to accept each other, understanding that while they're very different, they also need each other and even (!) like each other. Their bickering does NOT go on and on even after stuff has happened that should have changed the way they interact.

Of course, they don't have a Kate factor or a triangle to contend with. Well, they do for a bit, but then Luke finds out about Leia being his sister and then that's off the table. Also, the way Leia is written, we as the viewers all know who she really loves from the start: Han. She is not written as a woman unable to make a choice or a woman who is fickle and can't decide who she wants to be with. So obviously Kate is no Leia. Lost has no Leia. Lost keeps killing off or dumb-ifying its potential Leia's.

How are the writers thinking this stuff through on Lost? How are we supposed to buy that the beaten down and tortured Jack suddenly just goes back to being annoying control freak Jack when he's just traveled back to the 70s? Because of Locke's suicide? And having his ass saved by Sawyer? I do. not. buy. it. Bad writing imo. And it bugs. It bugs the hell out of me.

Triangle BE GONE!!!!

Screencap thanks to Movie Caps.

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