Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sawyer and Jack, why are they still pissing each other off?

That scene between Jack and Sawyer at the end of Namaste really didn't sit well with me. I get what the writers are doing, that they want there to be tension between the people who were left on the island and those who got off, but the way it played out in that scene didn't ring true.

That Jack didn't even thank Sawyer for saving their asses? After Jack now knows that Sawyer and Juliet and the others got stuck in the past to fend for themselves, and that he still seems unable to give credit where it's due? Even when we've seen Jack broken down to nothing and regretting not listening to Locke? I thought that felt wrong. And Sawyer immediately starting to harp on Jack's failings? I figured he'd brush it off, even though it must have stung. Sawyer's response did ring more true than Jack's accusatory tone, but I would have thought that both characters would be in a different mental place than that.

And then cut to Kate on the porch. *rolls eyes*

The triangle dumbs everyone down on Lost. Apart from it, characters and storylines seem mature and well thought out. Once under the influence of the triangle however, characters and storylines go to crap. This is why I resent it so much. I'm sure a lot of shippers can't imagine the show without the Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Kate relationship but I can. I totally can. I wish it was gone. I wish we didn't have to see Sawyer and Jack act like morons in her presence. I wish we didn't have to see Kate sleep with one and then the other and then reject them and then want them and then... whatever. At this point in time, I think Kate and Jack deserve each other. They both treated Locke like garbage and now they're back on the island and don't even have the decency to tell Sawyer and the others what happened to Locke (not that they actually know what happened mind you...).

Sawyer and Jack have had great chemistry on the show when the writers allow them to interact without acting like highschool kids. It hasn't happened often. One moment was when Sawyer told Jack about meeting his dad. There have been flickers of it apart from that, but I'm getting tired of the two of them getting pitted against each other at every turn. The scene in Namaste did not ring true for the characters, at least not to me. And I'm sure we'll see more of the same crap in upcoming eps. Like Jack is still thinking HE knows best, when we just recently saw him very sure that he has no clue what he's doing.

I wish the writers would allow those two to act like brothers. Yes, it's the whole Luke/Han Solo thing, but it's getting old now. Maybe in S6 we'll see some better material for my fave relationship: Jack-Saw.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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