Friday, March 20, 2009


And we're back on the island, in 2007 and 1977... whatever flavour you prefer.

I wasn't too crazy about this ep, it felt like a bridge to me, a way to get us onto the rest of the season, but I guess that's ok too. And there was even a bit of Jack's dad walking and talking and showing off photos just like he's any old living person. Kind of like Locke? Or what? And how interesting that Sun and Lapidus saw him right after spotting something: a polar bear or perhaps Smokey?

Jack and Sawyer still don't get along. Kate is still all moony-eyes and staring at Sawyer or staring at Jack... blah! After the way she talked to and treated Locke when he came a-calling, I am just not able to look at her character the same anymore. She was nasty and mean to him, and now she's back in Dharmatown where Locke had promised Sawyer he'd bring her. Chew on that Kate!

Looks like they're setting up some relationship/murder attempt with the Ben/Sayid thing. I'm guessing Sayid doesn't feel that Ben should necessarily be allowed to grow into the Ben we all know, so that should be interesting to see. And what's up with Faraday not being there "anymore"? Eh? Did he go back to the mainland? There was Ethan, and Radzinsky pre-button pushing... so many little bits thrown at us, but no real meat this week, imo.

Best line of the ep: Hurley of course. "Uh... what?" Hee!

Ooookay, just read over at EW that Elizabeth M, aka Juliet, has been cast in an upcoming series starting next season. So yea, she's going to die. Die die die. :( I really hope I'm wrong, but the fact that she was happy with Sawyer and now Kate's back and the Love Triangle from Hell just won't die... yea, she's a gone one way or another. Dammit.

Screencaps thanks to Lost-Media.

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