Friday, March 06, 2009


Finally watched it! And I am definitely on the "I love Juliet with Sawyer" side. Like many others have stated elsewhere, they just seem evenly matched and like they make each other way happier than Kate and Sawyer ever did. Plus, I pretty much detest Kate. Her bitchy "you've never been loved!" speech to Locke last week pretty much capped that for me. Evangeline doesn't suck or anything, but Kate is getting more and more annoying as this show goes on. I really, really, really hope they keep Juliet and Sawyer together, even if there will definitely be some Kate-gravel thrown in the machinery. No more damn love-triangle/square/octagons!

Really liked the ep. Alpert in his hotsy goodness (eyeliner guy lol!), statue!!!, dharma fence, truce, Jin with long hair, Sawyer being all responsible and that... loved all that. And Miles sticking the knife in making fun of the "go to the Orchid, go to the beach, go to the Orchid..." was hilarious too.

I wonder if a lot of this is just tptb's way of showing us the history of Dharma? Will the losties just magically skip out at some point soon? Because I am thinking they all need to reunite at some point. Btw, where the heck is Sayid? Not in Dharma-days, not seen with Locke either... did he get his own timeline? And dammit! Couldn't we have stayed just a little longer and gotten a better look at that statue!

I really have to emphasize how much I hate the Kate/Sawyer/Jack thing. It needs to stop. Now. I've hated that crap since it started and I want it to just go away. It feels fake, forced, soapy, stupid and gratuitous. And since Kate is getting more and more annoying as the show goes on, I'm hoping she either ends up all alone or with Ben. Just please please please: do not kill off Juliet to remove a "complication"! She is hands down the best female character on the show: non-whiny, capable, human, tough, loyal, funny... Just don't frakking kill her off like all the other women have been killed off.

Screencaps from LaFleur thanks to lost-media.

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