Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love Helo

Yes I do. What a fantastic character. Total stand-up guy who is willing to go the extra mile when he believes something Wrong is happening. Like when he killed the infected cylons or insisted on trusting Sharon/Athena or like when he took on the Bad Doctor in the most recent ep I watched. Tahmoh Penikett is a very good looking guy, but as the show goes on, it seems to me his acting and the stories he's getting are picking up too. Same goes for Grace Park as Athena/Boomer/8. All the episodes involving their heartbreak over Hera and then reclaiming her showcased some great acting. And intitally I wasn't so blown away by her, but it seems that once she went cylon, the character and the acting improved. The scene where Helo kills her so she can download to the cylon ship was riveting. I'm hoping they keep throwing these two some strong storylines.

I'll mention some more positive thoughts on BSG, even though the last couple of eps I watched (The Woman King and A Day In The Life) have actually been borderline boring.

My other favourite relationships on the show are Roslin/Adama and Adama/Tigh. Both are complex and underplayed by the actors so they feel more realistically portrayed than some other relationships where there is excessive emoting. For example, if I have to see Starbuck and Apollo make googly-eyes at each other over someone else's shoulder again I think I may stick pins in my eyes. Baltar's relationship with whatever is going on in his head is rather well-played too, as is anything Anders does. I'm no huge Starbuck fan, but I love Anders: there's something solid and real about the character. I keep wishing for that hookup with a cylon 3... but I'm guessing I'll be out of luck.

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