Friday, March 27, 2009

He's Our You

It was great to see some more Sayid finally, and to find out how he ended up in the cuffs and on the plane. Is the lady who busted him working for Widmore I wonder? If Sayid was killing Widmore's people, I could see him wanting to "get" him, but maybe she was working for Ben without knowing it? IF Ben remembered being shot by Sayid back then, he had to have felt a bit strange about letting him back to the island so he could shoot him... Brain hurts.

The last few eps feel like we're watching the set up for something HUGE. I do not think Ben will die obviously. Getting shot is probably what is going to make Ben the Ben we know. Whoever saves him (and yea, Juliet will totally be involved in that which is why he's later obsessed with her), Ben will be set on the path to becoming devious and manipulative. (Like he wasn't already! After all he staged the burning van and all that!) Btw, if he DOES remember them all (and maybe he won't because he'll be all confused after getting fixed up), maybe one of the reasons he has always been such a lying snake who never gave a straight answer to the Losties, because he KNEW they would end up going back in time and didn't want to "taint" them with foreknowledge?

Also, Dharma has to have a real dark underbelly we're only glimpsing so far: on the surface they're all hippie-like, but then you have guys like Radzinski and Chang who certainly do NOT seem flower-powerish. Is the whole Dharma thing just a cover? And what the heck ARE the Dharmites really up to on the island? Do we even know that? What do they do except protect themselves from hostiles, cook waffles and fix cars? I still don't think we've been shown what their actual purpose on the island is, though it obviously has to do with the hatches and all that.

Btw, if I had been the lady who got to Sayid, I might have waited about an hour or so before actually revealing my true mission...

And how cool to see a Blade Runner connection!

Still, I felt this ep was a bit flat. Some of the dialogue didn't wow me. Both the scenes at the interrogation of Sayid and when Ilana was chatting Sayid up... well, they both felt a little off. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but there you go. I'm used to really natural sounding dialogue on this show, and I didn't feel I totally got that. Even the scene with Ben and Sayid, when Ben told him he was a killer, a scene filled with subtext as we go through the episoe... even that scene felt a little off to me. But onwards and upwards... I guess we'll find out how it all comes together eventually.

Screencaps thanks to lost-media.

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