Monday, March 09, 2009

BSG: Unfinished business. Worst episode ever.

What an utter load of complete crap. I think this is possibly one of the worst episodes of any show I've ever watched. What the hell was that? An ep of As the Battlestar Turns? Soapy, adolescent, poorly written dreck. Yikes.

Starbuck and Apollo's "love story" and their "settling" for their respective spouses... and then fighting in the boxing ring? Until they're friends? And the whole shouting in the night that they love each other? Painful. Seriously, rage-inducingly painful. At least I now know that I find Jamie Bamber un-sexy. That "love scene" was ridiculous. There was nothing there. Just... Ken doll and Starbuck doll. What a waste of time: mine and theirs.

I can't believe someone made an episode of that. I guess there must be shippers that lapped it up, but really, wtf were the writers on the show thinking? Was there really no other story involving say, cylons or Earth or New Caprica or something that could have made the grade instead?


Anonymous said...

i know you made this post awhile go but this episode is playing now on my computer and i decided to start searching "unfinished business worst episode ever" after watching 30 minutes of boring boxing scenes and inane flashbacks and broken record love triangles

if they want to get to earth so bad i wonder why they are spending so much time giving each other concussions and brain damage.

so boring.

Maria said...

Yea, this was a long time ago, but reading your comment brought it all back! Ha! Bad episode for sure... Thanks for reading and posting! :)